9 Signs That Your Friendship Is Ending

9 Signs That Your Friendship Is EndingFriendship, as any other relations, also ends. Many things happen in your life that influence on your relations with friends: college, moving to other city, job, marriage and children. Friendship doesn't always survives distance, new interests and family life. And here are 9 signs that your friendship is ending.

#1 You don't have time to get together. Earlier you could always find time to get together with your friends and hang out. But now you're too busy with your job or new relationship. It takes all your free time and you have no time to meet your friends. And if you have no time to talk to your friends even on the phone or respond their emails, your friendship is probably to end soon.

#2 You don't know anything about the details. Do you really think you know what's going on in the life of your friend? Now think about the major last news and the details. If you can't recall any details, then you don't know about life of your friend anything.

#3 You can't make plans together. All people are busy: work, home, family, kids. But when people really want to see each other, they try. If you can't plan hanging out with your friends, then it's either you or they who don't want it.

#4 You have nothing to talk about. Al right, you enjoy meetings with friends when you're a part of a big company. But what happens if you're left alone? What about your conversation? Do you have to talk about anything? There are many topics, but actually you feel that you don't want to discuss them with your friend.

#5 New friends. Every person is a social creature and in order to survive we need friends. And if your friend moved, they will need to to find new people who would support them on the new place. You think that these new people of acquaintance are not important, because you were there first. But as time passes by, new relations get stronger, and old bonds get looser.

#6 You're spiteful. When you start feeling spiteful, it should be a sign for you that your friendship with this person is over. It isn't right to be envious about the happy moments in life of other people, especially if you're used to be BFF.

#7 Your friend is not here during your most important moments of your life. Wedding day, having a baby or death of your relative is a turning point in your life. And where is your friend? They are not there to cheer you up or congratulate. No matter how busy they are, they should be there with you, if they are still your friends.

#8 Your friend never contacts you first. Now it sounds like a one-sided friendship. Your friend never contacts you first, and you initiate meetings and activities. It doesn't mean that your friend is too busy, it just means that they don't think about you anymore.

#9 Your friend is not the first person you call when you're excited. You have some great news to share, and who do you call first? Your friend, relatives or partner? If your friend is on the last place or even not in the list at all, then you should seriously consider whether you need this person in your life or not.



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