How Porn Can Destroy Marriage

How Porn Can Destroy MarriageWe live in a society that parades sex all over the media, and access to pornography is rather simple. Just a couple of seconds and anyone can watch and find anything rated. But watching porn is destructive for your relations. If you don't believe it, then find out how porn can destroy marriage.

Porn leads to infidelity. Men usually don't think that watching porn is something bad. For them it's a kind of relaxation and satisfaction. But ask any woman, whether she likes her husband to watch porn or not. If they are honest, then they will answer that they hate it. Watching porn is like bringing a new woman to relationship.

Watching porn stimulates many men to look for some satisfaction outside the marriage. They want to repeat many things they've seen, want to feel like actors of a porn movie. And they cheat just to make their fantasies come true and pretend to be someone else.

Porn makes you compare. Look at your spouse and at actors? What do you think about them? Well, surely your spouse looses. People after watching porn tend to think what their spouses don't have instead of being thankful for what they actually are.

It leads to unreal expectations. Everyone who watches porn thinks that people there enjoy what they are doing, even if the poses are very unnatural. Trying them in real life is almost always impossible and painful, especially for women. However, these people are only actors and they play, and you have to understand it. We're sorry to burst your bubble, but actors of the porn industry are addicted to drugs to sedate the physical and mental pain they feel during filming. They all hate their work and many of them annually commit suicide. So what do you expect from watching porn? That your intimate life will be much greater? No, it won't, because...

Porn destroys intimacy and breaks trust. Watching porn is usually secretive, and one spouse doesn't want the other to know about it. It results in keeping secrets from the other. And do you know what marriage is build on? It's trust. You can't trust person who keeps secrets from you.

Porn changes your attitude to your spouse. Men who watch porn just for one hour start regarding women in more negative manner. They think about women as a mere target of lust, not individually unique or valuable. And the reason for this is because porn portraits women and sex in the demeaning manner.

You will never be satisfied. Porn causes addiction, just like drugs, but the crave for it is different. In case with drugs, an addict wants more, but porn addicts crave for something different. They are not satisfied with what they've seen or experiences and now they want something different. And once they find it, they want it again, but this time different. It never ends, because it's a closed circle.

Porn kills your relations. Men who watch porn are less motivated to romance with wives. They don't need it, because they've seen totally different attitude toward women. The less romantic relations, the less time couple spends together and it also affects sex. Women don't want to have sex with men who don't care about them, who are rather interested in something unnatural and in other women. And it's where we come back to the first reason, why porn destroys marriage.



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