How to Make Your Wedding Hairdo Last All Day Long

How to Make Your Wedding Hairdo Last All Day LongWedding day will be hard for your hair. You will dance, swing and laugh a lot. And your hairdo will have to struggle with light breeze or wind gust, humid weather or rain that you didn't expect at all. Your hair have to stay perfect all the time, and we know how to make your wedding hairdo last all day long.

Don't wash your hair on the wedding day. This tip seems to contradict with your perfect wedding appearance and you'd like your hair to be fresh. However, don't wash it. The thing is that washed hair is silky and it's too soft to hold your hairdo. Refresh your hair with dry shampoo, it will remove excessive oil and add volume to your hair.

Use oils for your hairdo. This tip is very useful for brides with curls, who have to battle frizz. The use of hair products with sulfates dries your curls, that's why your hair looks extremely frizzy and brittle. Moisturizing your hair with oils will keep your curls neat.

Use hairspray. Hairspray should be in the emergency kit on your wedding day. Yes, it sounds obvious that you will need to use hairspray during the big day, but the key to success is to have your maid of honor spray your hair down every hour or so. This way you will combat limp curls, fly-aways and keep everything the way it should be. However, don't tend to use too much hairspray. You don't want that greasy look after all or hairdo that never moves even if you jump.

Don't touch your hair. No matter how much you want it, don't touch your hair. Your stylist has done everything perfect. And if your touch, flick and tuck your hair, you will make your curls loosen up. Also remember that the oil from your fingers is the worst enemy of the volume that your hair has.

Have extra pins. Don't forget to add some extra pins for your hair to your emergency kit. No matter whether you have a bun or you're going to wear your hair down all day long. Your bun may become too loose and extra bobby pins will secure it. And if you have your hair down, you may find it too annoying/greasy/sweaty. Make a bun and secure it with pins you've got, now you're ready to go to dance floor.

Make last-minute additions. Fresh flowers that you want to use for your hairdo might wilt quickly on a hot summer day. If you want flowers to look their best during the ceremony, then add them to your hairdo an hour before its beginning. Schedule it in your wedding timing: you will need just a couple of minutes, but your stylist or maid of honor should be aware of it.

Start your day with high and tight. If you plan to have loose curls during the ceremony, then you have to start the day with high and tight locks. Your hair will relax during the day, and if you start with loose curls, you're likely to finish with straight hair in the mid of the day.



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