Easy Ways to De-Stress and Never Open Your Fridge

Easy Ways to De-Stress and Never Open Your FridgeMany people turn to tasty food when they are anxious, angry or upset. Yes, food may be relieving, especially if it's tasty and sweet, like chocolate. However, eating is not an answer, unless you're really hungry. You have to cope with the situation and these easy ways to de-stress will help you, and notice, that you won't open your fridge.

Do some exercises. Exercising will make you feel better. Pick up any activity you like: yoga, jogging, running or punching at the gym. It actually may be whatever, but you really have to enjoy it. Doing exercises will improve your mood and won't add you financial woes.

Write it down. Keeping a personal diary can help you understand your feelings and cope with emotions. And it will also help you de-stress. Write down what you feel right now, use your hands as one of the ways to release your emotions.

Write a poem. In case you don't have a diary and you're very poetic person, then write poetry. Take your favorite pen or pencil and express your feelings and thoughts in a beautiful way. The poem can be about anything and it may have any rhyming scheme you like.

Take a bath. Relax and soak in a hot bathtub with some of your favorite foam or salt. Light the candles around the bath and turn off the head lights. If you have problems with sleep, then try this and make sure that the scent of lavender fills up the bathroom. Trust us, you won't have problems with falling asleep.

Paint your nails. Take care of yourself and make sure that your fingers and toes look great. Grab your favorite enamel and give yourself a mani-pedi. Foot bath before you do pedi will provide you some extra relaxation.

Drink some tea. Brew some tasty tea and drink a cup. If it's close to bedtime, then choose some herbal tea. Pour tea into your favorite teacup and enjoy every sip.

Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine when you're stressed. Watch a funny movie or hang out with a friend who always makes you laugh. Forget about your worries for a while and relax.

Get some fresh air. If you have to stay inside all day long, go outside for a short walk. See the sun and inhale some fresh air. It's good for your health and it will help you relax.

Play a video game. Playing too many games is harmful, but sometimes they are really useful. Playing a video game for half an hour will decrease the stress level and improve your mood.

Meditate. Meditation is a proven stress buster. It lets you relax your mind and body and release the bad thoughts. If you are one of that busy heads and can't calm down your thoughts, then don't meditate. Instead of it sit and let your mind wander.



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