5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Stay Friends with Your Ex

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Stay Friends with Your ExYour relationship is over and both of you decide to move forward. But at some point you become too sentimental and decide to stay friends with your ex. It's possible, but we give you five reasons why you shouldn't do it.

Reason #1: your relations are over for some reason. It's so common for human nature to forget the bad things that happen to us. And after a while you don't remember, why you broke up. However, the reason is still here and no matter how much you miss your ex, it won't disappear.

Reason #2: you may become friends with benefits. Your ex might have been a great lover, but it's not the reason why you should jump into their bed again. This friendship will build a huge sexual tension between two of your, and one is bound to crack. Then you will be dealing with anger, jealousy, feelings for the other, confusion etc. Being friends with benefits is one more reason to start dating again, but the relations won't become better.

Reason #3: you can't move on. Instead of moving on you stay in love with your ex. At some point you may try to get over yourself for the sake of your new “relationship”. This is dangerous for your psyche, especially, if it's your first serious relations. The new uncompleted form of relations with your ex might leave some frustration, and instead of starting hating your ex you keep on loving him. And then you have to face Reason #4 of our list.

Reason #4: you watch them move on. Your ex begins to move on no matter whether you're still in love with them or not. It's especially hard if you're the one who was dumped. And if your were a dumper, then the situation may feel awkward to you. If it's not convincing you, then think that you have to watch how your ex is changing, finds a new partner and gets married. And if you're still in love? Do you think it's easy to pretend that you're happy?

Reason #5: your new partner will hate them. Let's imagine a situation, where your didn't become friends with benefits and both could move on without consequences for each other. You're really friends (or pretend to be them), but what about your new partner? Your ex constantly shows up in your life and you hang out with them. Your new partner hates this thing about two of you and it can become a reason for numerous arguments. Finally you will break up because of your ex. Will you choose to stay friends with your second ex or has it taught your a good lesson?

Staying friends with your ex might have good intentions, but in fact this is not the best last thing that your two can do. Just face it that you have to forget your ex and live without them. How hard it may seem to you, you have to do this step and finally begin a new relationship.



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