How to Propose to Your Boyfriend

How to Propose to Your BoyfriendTraditionally, men are expected to propose to women, and women are expected to wait patiently. However, more and more women decide to break with tradition, reverse the roles and pop the question first. If you want to ask your BF to marry you and are sure that your proposal won't freak him out, go for it! Here are several ways to propose to your boyfriend.

Make it romantic. There are many guys who like romance as much as girls do. If your boyfriend is not opposed to a little romance, make your proposal romantic. You can cook him dinner or take him out to a fancy restaurant, relive your first date, propose at the top of a Ferris wheel, have one hundred red roses delivered to his apartment, plan a surprise romantic getaway... We are sure you know your man well enough to tell what kind of romance he prefers.

Try a public proposal. Public proposals are not for everyone, especially when it is the woman who proposes. You have to be absolutely sure that your boyfriend will not be embarrassed by a public proposal. If you decide to follow through with the idea of a public proposal, here are several options. You can organize a flash mob, hire a band to serenade your boyfriend, put your proposal on the big screen at a sporting event or during a movie, make a YouTube video and hope it goes viral.

Get creative. An unconventional proposal doesn't have to be public. For example, you can try sending him on a treasure hunt. To make it more romantic, leave clues in places that have something to do with your relationship. When he finally reaches the point of destination, he will find a sweet love note and a ring. Using your common hobbies and interests is also a great way to make your proposal memorable. For instance, if you bonded over a shared love of superheroes, you can dress up as Catwoman and ask him to be your Batman.

Just say it. In the fifth season's finale of the TV show Gilmore Girls, Lorelai Gilmore proposed to her boyfriend Luke Danes. They were trying to figure out how to deal with Lorelai's daughter Rory dropping out of college, and Lorelai was so overwhelmed by Luke's readiness to help that she asked him to marry her completely out of the blue. (Spoiler: he said yes!) If you want to ask your boyfriend to marry you, just ask him right now. However, we recommend that you have a ring or some kind of a substitute to convince him it is not a joke.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with proposing to your boyfriend. You just need to be really sure that you are on the same page and are both ready for this commitment.



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