8 Tips for Your First Date with an Online Match

8 Tips for Your First Date with an Online MatchFirst dates are very often awkward and uncomfortable, and the things are even worse with online matches. Sometimes you don't get what you expect from the picture and chats, and the whole date goes wrong. These 8 useful tips will make your first date with an online match almost perfect (don't forget to leave some place for unexpectedness).

Tip #1: tell what you want, and get what you want. We're sure that your match will ask you, where you would like to go: movie, dancing, cafe etc. Don't leave it on your match and tell exactly what you want. It will spare both of you of awkwardness considering the place and broken dreams (in case if you were expecting something special).

Tip #2: choose appropriate dress. Forget about high heels and mini if you're going to have a picnic and sneakers if you have a date in a bar. Think about your outlook and whether you dress accordingly. If you feel uncomfortable in clothes you choose, change them. You have to feel free, and then you can relax and enjoy your date.

Tip #3: eat what you want. Boys know, that girls love meat and burritos, even if they're on a diet. When it comes to ordering something to eat, don't choose a light salad. Let yourself enjoy the food you like, and leave the diet for tomorrow. If you order only the lightest dishes, this will give your partner a sign, that you might have problems with health or body.

Tip #4: don't be afraid to have a drink. Drinking alcohol cocktails will make you relax and feel more comfortable. So allow yourself a glass or two. But be careful and don't drink too much, otherwise your first date will be a wreck and it will be the last one with your online match.

Tip #5: treat your match, as he's the only one in this room. Show your respect to the match and come in time. Be nice and polite, treat him with courtesy. Your cutie deserves to feel, like he's special for you!

Tip #6: feel free, if something awkward happens to you. We're all humans and sometimes spill cocktails, forget names or laugh with snorts. Relax and enjoy your date. If you try hard to look better than you are, your match will certainly notice this. So don't make him disappoint in you.

Tip #7: touch him. Don't be afraid to touch your companion. Touches are incredible means of communication and they can express your intentions and feelings much better then words. Moreover, touches make your both closer to each other.

Tip #8: sex on the first date – it's your choice. Psychologists advise men to wait for sex with a new partner for 90 days. But at that same time we have a number of pairs, who married their first-date-sexes and they are happy together. So it's only your choice whether you will have sex on the first date or not.

Don't forget that first dates are nothing special in your life. They are just first dates. So if things go wrong and you never meet again, think that you have a chance to spend a good time, have a free meal or enjoy a new anecdote.



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