How to Save on a Wedding Cake

How to Save on a Wedding CakeWedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. It's what you make impact on your guests with. It's the main dessert of your wedding and you will see it on the pictures. Ordering a perfect wedding cake will cost you a fortune, but you can make it less expensive. These tips on how to save on a wedding cake will definitely help you.

First of all you have to find out the average price for wedding cakes in your area. Visit local bakeries and learn more about their services. This will help you understand how much of your wedding budget you can spend on a cake.

The first thing you can save on is decoration. It's the most expensive part of the cake, because the bakeries count how many man-hours will be required to decorate a cake. Sugar flowers, hand painting and detailed piping require too much time, that's why you should avoid such decorative elements. By the way, the biggest trend is rustic cakes, they are bold, but at the same time adorable and fancy.

If you want to impress your guests with an impressive wedding cake, you still may order an amazing handwork, but limit it. For instance, choose only one bold accent, like a huge sugar flower, on a rather plain cake. If you want some lace on your cake, then ask about its edible mat version.

Now let's think about faking your cake. You may need this trick, if you want an impressive cake. The more tiers the cake has, the better it looks, but they all need decoration and covering. Instead of ordering extra tiers, purchase foam ones. They look as good as real ones, but you save money and don't have additional food lying around.

Ask your bakery about the cost of flavors and icing. There are some bakeries that don't make any difference between the flavors, fillings and icing and whatever you choose will cost the same. But there are might be premium flavors (like mud cake, red velvet, banana etc) or en extra charge for fondant instead of simple buttercream.

In order to treat many guests with a delicious dessert, you don't need to order an expensive wedding cake for all of them. You may ask for a kitchen cake. It's a plain cake without decoration, and it tastes just the same that your order. You save a lot, because kitchen cakes are usually twice less expensive than wedding cakes. However, remember, that you need to provide a minimum order of decorated cake servings before you can order kitchen cake servings.

There are many ways to save on your wedding cake, but never pick it up by yourself or let somebody else do it. Once the cake leaves the bakery, it's not responsible for what happens to the treat on the road.



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