Romantic Ways to Propose

Romantic Ways to ProposeAlmost all women dream of a romantic proposal. Usually men do not really like romance and when they finally decide to propose, they do that in a formal way. Nevertheless there are men who do want to be romantic. AnydayGuide will dwell upon romantic ways to propose.

It seems not to be difficult to ask “Will you marry me?”. But if you are a romantic person, you can prepare something special, so that your beloved will never forget your proposal.

Today some people are sure that proposal should be costly. Your proposal can be beautiful even if you do not have much money. Let's dwell upon several good ways to propose.

When you walk in a park, get down on one knee and hand the ring box to your beloved.

Such proposal seems to be common and classic, but it is always touching and beautiful. If your girlfriend likes being in the limelight, choose a crowded place to propose. If she doesn't like that, do it when nobody sees you.

Write your proposal in the sand

When you are on the beach, you can write “Will you marry me?” in the sand with any sharp stick or a pebble. Do it when she goes to swim or to get drinks, so that it will be unexpected.

Ask your friends to participate in an improvised performance

You must have seen on TV, when a girl is in a cafe or in a park, people around her start acting strangely. As a result, she finds out that her beloved proposes her. If you are a creative person, you can do something like that.

For instance, you can prepare a surprise route for your beloved. She meets one of your friends in different parts of the route who gives her a note. When she gets to destination, you propose.

Other ways to propose

Proposal in a restaurant or a cinema will be unforgettable. You can ask a waiter to put the ring in a glass of champagne or dessert. Your girlfriend will be also happy if she sees your proposal on the screen instead of closing credits.

There are many various ways to propose if you live together. Breakfast in bed or a romantic bath for two are good opportunities to propose.

There are lots of ways to propose and there are surely many couples. When you propose to your beloved, do not forget why you do it. It should be pleasant for your girlfriend to accept your proposal. Try not to put your beloved in an awkward position, thus consider your girlfriend's character peculiarities. Let your proposal be modest if your beloved loves that. Don't make a grandstand play if it irritates your girlfriend.