How to Plan a Surprise Getaway With Your Husband

How to Plan a Surprise Getaway With Your HusbandA surprise romantic weekend getaway is a good way to spend some time with your spouse, it helps you forget about routine and brings you closer together. However, you should understand that it requires careful planning. Here are some trips for planning a surprise getaway with your husband.

Think about his reaction. Some people don't like surprises and hate spontaneity. If sudden changes of plans tend to freak your husband out, a romantic getaway might not be such a good idea. You need to be absolutely sure that your husband will like it.

Choose the dates. Planning a long vacation may be tricky because it requires taking time off work. Planning a weekend getaway is much easier. It is necessary to make sure that your husband's schedule is clear the chosen weekend. It might be wise to come up with a cover story. And don't plan your getaway on a holiday weekend, because traffic or overbooking might spoil everything.

Choose a destination. A surprise getaway is your chance to indulge your husband, so you need to choose a destination he would enjoy (a place he likes or has been wanting to visit). Of course, your needs also matter, but in this case your spouse's preferences come first. The destination should be a few hours away, seeing that you only have a weekend.

Be crafty about finances. First of all, you need to set your budget and stick to it. If you and your husband have a joint bank account, use credit card gift cards to pay for reservations and cover other expenses so that you don't spoil the surprise.

Buy travel insurance. Even with careful planning, something might come up at the last minute. If you have insurance, you won't lose all money you've spent in case your romantic trip got canceled.

Keep a secret. Do all the research when your spouse is not around and don't forget to delete browser history. Avoid making trip-related phone calls when your husband can overhear. Use your personal cell phone number and email address to book everything to prevent your husband from finding out about your surprise. Don't share your plans with too many people.

Plan your itinerary. Schedule several fun activities you can enjoy together, but don't plan too much. An overpacked schedule is usually stressful, you will need some time to relax. The point of a surprise getaway is to get romantic, so plan romantic things like a private trail ride, wine tasting, picnic on a secluded beach, dinner in a swanky restaurant, etc.

Make arrangements. If you have kids who need a babysitter, a pet that needs to be fed or flowers that need to be watered, make all necessary arrangements in advance. Remember that logistics is important.

Pack. You need to pay special attention to packing because your husband won't be there to remind you that you've forgotten something. Packing his things might be tricky, so you can let him pack his own suitcase after breaking the news. Or pack the clothes he doesn't wear often and buy new toiletries if you are 100% sure he wouldn't mind you packing for him.

Break the news. There is no right or wrong way to break the news to your spouse. You can come up with a fun way to make it (for example, set up a scavenger hunt) or just break the news when he comes home from work. It depends on the kind of person your husband is.



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