How to Plan a Romantic Dinner for Two

How to Plan a Romantic Dinner for TwoModern life is moving way too fast, and we don’t have time for love. We forget about romance because of our boring routine life. However, many of us still try to organize a romantic dinner for our significant other on special occasions. AnydayGuide will dwell on how to plan a romantic dinner for two.

Planning a romantic dinner, you should pay special attention to the menu, music and table setting. These depend on what kind of romantic dinner you are going to have.

There are many original romantic dinner ideas. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Organize the dinner in the way you imagine it, bring your ideas to life. You can organize a regular romantic dinner in a living room or a bedroom. But there are many other ways to do that.

Romantic picnic is a wonderful idea and it can be arranged not only in a garden or a park, but also at home. Place a blanket and a picnic basket with usual picnic foods on the floor. Subdued lighting, candles, electric fireplace or even fairy lights will help create a romantic atmosphere.

Let your romantic dinner be like something straight out a movie. Rose petals, chocolate, champagne or wine and simple appetizers will be of use. Romantic music, dancing and sexual clothing will help you make your evening unforgettable. By the way, it’s a good opportunity to suggest role playing or eating off your body to your beloved.

Use some exotic stuff, for instance Japanese, to give zest to your evening. A few hand fans and artificial sakura twigs will make your room look lovely. Make sushi or order from a sushi restaurant. Japanese style makeup and special costume will make you look like a geisha. Don’t forget about slow Japanese music.

What can you cook for the dinner? Try to make something extraordinary and light. Dishes should not be too spicy, fatty, salty or uncomfortable to eat. If you don’t have much time for preparation, cook simple dishes. Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, seafood, light salads are perfect for a romantic dinner.

Don’t forget about dessert. It should be simple and light. Get some cupcakes, ice cream, semifreddo, strawberries and cream or chocolate.

While cooking, use aphrodisiac foods such as ginger, coconut, honey, almond, pistachios, chocolate, avocado, celery, etc.



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