6 Things to Know About Dating a Dog Lover

6 Things to Know About Dating a Dog LoverMany women like men who like dogs because love for animals shows that a man can take care of a living being and is able to love unconditionally. Dating a dog person has its rewards and challenges that you should be aware of if you want this relationship to work. Here are some things to know about dating a dog lover.

They really love their dog. For many dog lovers a dog is more than just a pet, it is a family member. You don't need to love their dog as much as they do, but you do need to respect their love for dogs. If you are not a huge dog fan, don't pretend to be. Be honest if you are not enthusiastic about dogs, but don't make the other person feel ashamed of their love for animals.

Sometimes things will get weird. Don't be surprised when your boyfriend gets affectionate with his god and lets it lick his lips. Or when he starts cooing and using baby talk in a funny voice. You also need to accept the fact that sometimes his dog will become a priority. Don't get angry or jealous when he cancels your date to take his dog to the vet, better show your support.

They are caring and committed. Dog are considered to be the most loyal pets, and the same can be said about their owners. Adopting a dog is a long-term commitment, so if your potential romantic interest has a dog they are most likely ready for a committed relationship (although this doesn't mean you should start planning your wedding and making a list of baby names after the first date). Most dog lovers also are born nurturers.

They are fantastic cuddlers. All dog owners cuddle with their dogs – sometimes voluntarily, and sometimes their affectionate pets leave them no other choice. If you boyfriend is a dog person, he will cuddle with you with the same level of enthusiasm. However, if you are hanging out at his place, your dog might want to cuddle with you, too. Bonus: god lovers are usually excellent at belly rubs and head scratching.

They are active. Dogs need to be walked several times a day and entertained, so their owners are accustomed to long walks and jogs. You will spend a lot of time in parks, beaches, hikes, etc. If you like this kind of pastime, you should definitely date a dog person.

They are friendly, patient, and forgiving. Most dog lovers are friendly because they are used to chatting with other dog owners while spending time at the dog park with their pet. They are also patient because training a dog needs much patience. Finally, they are used to forgiving mishaps because sometimes dogs misbehave, and their owners have gotten used to it.



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