Holidays Calendar for January 5, 2015

5 January is a religious and folk festival Tucindan in Serbia and Montenegro. Its name is related to verb tući that means “to beat”.

Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday (Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti) is a Sikh holiday celebrated every January. It is dedicated to the tenth and last Sikh Guru. The holiday has an official status in some Indian states.

January 5 is Social Workers’ Day in Belarus. This professional holiday was established according to a presidential decree issued on March 26, 1998.

All your favorite movies and TV shows are the result of a team effort, and screenwriters are an important part of a movie or television show team. Their contribution is crucial, but screenwriters often get less credit than directors or showrunners. National Screenwriters Day, celebrated annually on January 5, was created to rectify this.

January 5 is National Bird Day in the USA that is observed by half a million adherents who watch and study birds.

George Washington Carver Day is a rarely acknowledged national day that recognizes a renowned African-American agricultural scientist and inventor. It was inaugurated by President Harry S. Truman in 1945.

Whipped cream is that little something that makes desserts and drinks taste better. If you like it, you should totally celebrate National Whipped Cream Day on January 5.

National Keto Day is celebrated annually on January 5. It was created to raise awareness of the ketogenic diet and highlight its health benefits.

January 5 is Three Kings Parade (Spanish name Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos or Cavalcada de Reis Mags), one of the most favorite and beloved festival in Spain that attracts tourists from all over the world.


This Day in History

  • 2012 Died: Richard Alf, American businessman. He is best knows as the co-founder of the San Diego Comic-Con International.
  • 2009 Born: Walker Scobell, American actor. He is known for starring in the film The Adam Project and playing the title character in the Disney+ fantasy series Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
  • 2007 Died: Momofuku Ando, Japanese businessman, the founder of Nissin Food Products. He is famous for inventing instant noodles and Cup Noodles.
  • 2005 Eris, the largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System, was discovered. The discovery team used images originally taken in 2003 at the Palomar Observatory.
  • 2004 Died: Norman Heatley, American chemist and biologist. He was a member of the team that developed penicillin. Heatley's contribution to it was developing the back extraction technique for efficient purification of penicillin in bulk.
  • 2003 Died: Jean Kerr, American author. He is best known for her bestseller Please Don't Eat the Daisies and plays Mary, Mary and King of Hearts.
  • 1993 Oil tanker MV Braer ran aground off Shetland, Scotland. This accident resulted in the spilling of 84,700 tons of oil. Fortunately, the tanker carried crude oil, which is lighter and more biodegradable than other North Sea oils.
  • 1992 Born: Mike Faist, American actor known for originating the role of Connor Murphy in the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen and playing Riff in Steven Spielberg's West Side Story.
  • 1992 Born: Suku Waterhouse, English actress, singer-songwriter, and model. She portrayed Karen Sirko in the musical drama miniseries Daisy Jones & the Six.
  • 1988 Born: Mandip Gill, English actress and narrator. She is probably best known for playing Yasmin Khan in Series 11, 12, and 13 of the science fiction television show Doctor Who.
  • 1981 Died: Harold Urey, American chemist, Noble Prize laureate in chemistry for his discovery of deuterium. He is also known for his contribution to theories on the development of organic life from non-living matter.
  • 1979 Died: Charles Mingus, American bassist. He had a high influence as a jazz double bassist and is also known for his ambitious music.
  • 1978 Born: January Jones, American actress and model. She is best known for playing Betty Draper in Mad Men, which earned her two Golden Globe nominations and an Emmy nomination.
  • 1975 Born: Bradley Cooper, American actor and filmmaker. He appeared on the Forbes Celebrity 100 three times and on Time's list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2015.
  • 1972 Richard Nixon ordered the development of the Space Shuttle program.
  • 1970 Died: Max Born, German physicist, mathematician, Noble Prize laureate for his fundamental research in Quantum Mechanics and statistical interpretation of the wave function.
  • 1969 Born: Brian Hugh Warner, American musician, singer and songwriter. He is better known by his stage name Marilyn Manson.
  • 1968 Alexander Dubček came to power in Czechoslovakia, which marked the beginning of "Prague Spring".
  • 1957 U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower announced the establishment of what would later be called the Eisenhower Doctrine. According to Eisenhower's speech, the U.S forces would secure and protect any country or nation that requested aid against armed aggression from any nation controlled by communism.
  • 1955 Born: Jimmy Mulville, English comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter. He co-founded the British independent television production company Hat Trick Productions with Denise O'Donoghue and Rory McGrath.
  • 1946 Born: Diane Keaton, American actress, producer, director, and screenwriter. She is best known for her role as Kay Adams-Corleone in The Godfather.
  • 1944 The Daily Mail became the very first transoceanic newspaper.
  • 1943 Died: George Washington Carver, American botanist and inventor. He developed and promoted about 100 peanut-based products, including paints, dyes, cosmetics, gasoline, and nitroglycerin.
  • 1941 Born: Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese animator, director, and screenwriter. He is the co-founder of Studio Ghibli. Miyazaki is considered one of the most popular and influential animators in cinema.
  • 1933 Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • 1932 Born: Umberto Eco, Italian author and philosopher. He is best known for his novels The Name of the Rose and The Prague Cemetery.
  • 1919 Born: Herbert Peterson, American fast food executive and food scientist. He is regarded as the inventor of the McDonald's Egg McMuffin in 1972.
  • 1919 The German Workers' Party was founded. Later it would change its name and become the Nazi Party.
  • 1911 Kappa Alpha Psi was fonded at Indiana University. Kappa Alpha Psi is the world's second oldest and largest predominantly African-American fraternity. Since its foundation the fraternity has never limited membership based on color, creed or national origin.
  • 1906 Born: Kathleen Kenyon, English archeologist of Neolithic culture in the Fertile Crescent. She has been called the most influential female archeologist of the 20th century.
  • 1891 Died: Emma Abbott, American soprano. She was known for her pure, clear, and flexible voice.
  • 1855 Born: King C. Gillette, American businessman. He invented the best selling version of safety razor and founded the Gillette Company.
  • 1846 Died: Alfred Thomas Agate, American artist, painter, and miniaturist. He is best known for his landscape illustrations of the Oregon Territory. Agatea violaris, a species of violet, and Agate Island in Fiji are named in his honor.
  • 1846 The United States House of Representatives voted to stop sharing the Oregon Territory with the United Kingdom.