Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival
Every year the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates hosts a world famous retail festival. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a month-long event usually scheduled at the beginning of the year. It transforms the capital of the Emirate of Dubai into a shoppers’ paradise and a major tourist attraction. The festivals attracts about 3 million attendees every year.

The Dubai Shopping Festival was founded in 1996 by the Government of Dubai as a retail event designed to promote retail trade and commerce in Dubai. It has since become a tourist attraction which draws millions of visitors, locals and tourists alike. In many countries, tour operators and travel agents even offer special packages focused on the Dubai Shopping Festival. Thankfully, the Dubai tourist visa is easy to obtain, so it is easy to travel to the festival.

What started as a modest shopping event, has become one of the largest trade fairs and entertainment festivals in the region. The program of the Dubai Shopping Festival features carnivals, spectacular performances, sporting events, concerts, lotteries, contests, special activities for children and youth, fashion shows, fireworks displays, and other cultural and entertainment events and activities to suit any taste.

Although entertainment is an essential part of the Dubai Shopping Festival, the event focuses on shopping because it is first and foremost a retail festival. It features hundreds of retailers which offer high-quality products. The festival is known as a shopper’s paradise where visitors can find the best retail products offered by local and international manufacturers.

The Dubai Shopping Festival attracts numerous shoppers due to its impressive discount deals, some retailers offer a 70–75% discount on their products. At the festival, you can find fur products, jewelery, handmade carpets, clothing and shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and other luxury products at relatively low prices. The festival proves that luxury items can be affordable and that shopping can be exciting and fun.

Dubai Shopping Festival




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