Good Boundaries to Set Before You’re Dating Someone

Good Boundaries to Set Before You’re Dating SomeoneNobody likes boundaries, because they’re restricting from so much fun you could have together. However, if you really want to find love and never end in an abusive relationship, you need to set boundaries before you’re dating someone.

Any relationship needs boundaries, that your partner respects and never makes you cross them. They don’t restrict you from having fun in relationship, they just limit you and never let you make mistakes. Yes, you could be a bad girl and enjoy dating a bad boy, but this is not worth that in a long run. The sooner you understand your needs and what is acceptable and not for you in relationship, the faster you will find your true love. And these are some examples of good boundaries that you need to establish.

#1 Don’t lose your identity. This is very useful for all people, who are easily influenced and susceptible to being defined by others. You should never change yourself or lose your friends to make relationship work. You need to be true you and always pursue your own interests. Your happiness never comes from a relationship, but from within you.

#2 Acceptable physical space. Determine, what you can accept and can not regarding your personal boundaries. Let your partner know, if you feel uncomfortable with certain things, like kissing on the first date. And even if you like your partner very much, you don’t have to let them cross the boundaries and make you do things you don’t accept.

#3 Respect. Respecting your space and time is one of the boundaries you have to set. You don’t have to change your plans with friends just because your partner wants to see you right now. You have the right to enjoy your own life without any influence.

#4 No means no. When you say no, it really means no, and your partner should understand and remember that. In case they don’t understand it and do what they want, they just don’t respect you.

#5 Sexual desires. Some people are sexually experienced and adventurous, while others not, and that’s really OK. But if your new partner makes you try things you don’t want to, like threesome or anal toys, you don’t have to do it to please them. Talk to your partner and set the limit of things that you would and never would do in bed.

Of course, these are not all boundaries for you to set. In fact, the list of your own boundaries depends on you only. You should know what you really want and what is tolerable and acceptable for you, like smoking, religious belief or being conservative. If you see that this person doesn’t match your criteria, never go on dating them, because they are definitely not the person you’re seeking.



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