How to Stay Connected When Your Spouse Travels a Lot

How to Stay Connected When Your Spouse Travels a LotLong-distance relationships work, but not always. When the couple knows what they are struggling for, it will, because in the end you will be together. However, being married to a person who constantly travels for work is totally different thing. It’s even worse than long-distance relationship, because it will never end. These tips will help married couples stay connected when one of the partners travels a lot.

Marriages with one constantly away spouse are difficult. Being three weeks out of home every month is hard for everyone: you, your spouse and kids. You love your spouse, but you learn to live alone, your spouse can’t help you at the moment with any problems that happen in your house and kids are dreaded to see their parent leaving them once more. Only understanding that your and your spouse should work to keep your marriage going, can help you get through.

If You’re a Traveling Spouse

Use technology to stay connected. Nowadays technology lets us be connected no matter where we are, and it’s stupid to use it just to tell your spouse about your work. Yes, it’s very important to you, but remember, that your spouse doesn’t know the people you work with, that’s why this conversation is just useless. Use technology the right way to reconnect! Say something, that will show your partner how much you miss them. Instead of brief “I love you” and hanging up say, that you miss their smile and you’d wish to share the city you’re in with them. Also you can send recorded videos of you wishing your spouse and children good night, or call and leave messages, that will be listened later.

Pay attention to your family. Before you go on a trip, pay extra attention to your family. For instance, you can spend the whole day before the trip with your family having fun, instead of checking your suit-case and making the last arrangements. Also any time when you’re home back from the trip, be present. Don’t work at home, because you just waste your time you could spend with your family.

Make a scavenger hunt for your spouse. Before you leave, hide little treasures around the house and every night give your spouse directions, where they’re hidden. The presents shouldn’t be very expensive, so your spouse won’t think that this way you buy their acceptance that you’re away. But this way you will make your partner think of you and feel your presence.

If You’re a Staying-At-Home Spouse

Your spouse needs appreciation and respect. Remember that when your spouse comes back from the trip, they need appreciation and respect for what they’re doing. So don’t let your spouse come back into empty house, when everyone is away. Meet them with a hug and a kiss.

Find right topics for conversation. As well as your partner, you should use technology the right way to stay closer to each other. Your conversations should be personal, not about your little son spilling chocolate milk on a new sofa or drain problems in the kitchen. Your spouse can’t help you right now, so don’t disappoint them with such problems.

Don’t think, that business travel is a vacation. Your spouse may be eating in a fashionable restaurant and sleeping in a suite, but remember, that it’s their work to entertain the clients. And your spouse wishes you to know, how much they miss you in a lonely hotel room.

Don’t complain and be willing to travel with them if possible. Accept, that your spouse is traveling a lot and never moan, when they are leaving next time. Also, if it’s possible, try to travel with your partner, so you can enjoy the trip together.



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