6 Perks of Being the Underdog

6 Perks of Being the UnderdogMost people want to be successful, but guess what? To achieve success, you have to work hard. Many successful people started as underdogs, and that's what motivated them. Here are 6 perks of being the underdog that you can use to succeed in life.

You have great work ethic. Nothing comes easy for you. You have to work hard and put forth more effort than a top dog would. That's why you're hard-working and resilient, you simply have no other choice but to persevere in the face of obstacles.

You're creative and risk-taking. Underdogs don't have much to lose, so they typically don't shy away from taking risks and trying unconventional strategies. With their “nothing to lose” attitude underdogs think outside the box and use their creativity, resourcefulness and flexibility to their advantage.

You're empathic and compassionate. You know what it's like to be ignored or ridiculed that's why you have lots of empathy towards other underdogs. You might not have a lot of friends, but those that you have are real ones. You're always there for each other because underdogs should stick together.

You don't take things for granted. As an underdog, you remember what it's like to work hard to achieve your goals. You don't give up even when you have few resources and little support, that's why you always notice when people help you and make sure to show your appreciation.

Victories are so much sweeter. When you're an underdog, you have to face a lot of failures and work really hard without anyone noticing it. This means that every victory feels incredible. You celebrate each and every accomplishment, however insignificant they might seem. Every small win fills you with joy and motivates to work even harder.

People root for you. Many people can relate to underdogs because they used to be underdogs themselves. While the top dogs might have more resources, the underdogs get more empathy. By rooting for underdogs, people can live vicariously through them. Whenever an underdog wins, people who have been rooting for him or her feel like this is their win, too.

So, if you're an underdog, embrace it and take advantage of the position. If you don't give up, you won't stay like this forever. As an underdog, you learn from your mistakes and failures, you appreciate every small victory, you're attentive towards people who surround you. That's what can help you to achieve success in life. But even if you don't become super successful, you'll learn to value what you have.



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