6 Signs You're Dating the Right Person

6 Signs You're Dating the Right PersonYou might begin dating a new person or you're in relationship for a long time, but you inevitably ask yourself, if there are any sings that you're dating the right person. Check out this little test and see, if your relationship passes it.

#1 You argue in a healthy way. If you're mature enough and you have healthy relationship, you know, that you can't avoid arguing. Absence of arguing as well as constant fights are not good for your relationship at all, but if you do it in healthy way, then you're on the right track. Arguing is not about shouting and stating your opinion, it's about finding a compromise. And if you and your partner communicate with each other, then you definitely can find way out of any situation.

#2 Your partner is attentive. Attention to your needs and feelings is one of the most important part of relations. For instance, you will appreciate a cup of warm soup, when you're ill, rather then tickets to a concert your partner wants to see. Understanding each other's needs is a good basis for a long-term relationship.

#3 You're best friends with your partner. Do you remember your best friend, when you were a child? You could share all secrets, watch the clouds and lay in the grass and never get tired of each other. You were very close. If you feel the same bonds with your partner, tell them things you wouldn't share with anyone else, and know, that they will support you, then your relationship is very strong.

#4 You share the same values and goals. You can feel pretty nice with a person, who has different interests, but it won't last long. If we're talking about the long-term relations, it's better to stay with a person, who shares your goals and interests. Difference is good for balancing out the couple, but your goals for the future should be similar.

#5 You see your partner 10 years from now. Can you imagine your future with the partner you have right now? Can you see yourselves together 10, 20 and even 50 years from now? If yes, then you're with the person you need. However, if you want your relationship work, then your partner has to see both of you together 10 years from now, too. And your couple has big points, if you know each other's families and you've discussed many important things, as marriage, having children and place to live.

#6 You feel OK, when you're apart. You can't have healthy relations, if you don't maintain your individual lives. Feeling no jealous of your partner's friends and hobbies means, that you trust your partner. And at the same time you can spend your time apart, living your own life. You don't constantly think, whether you've got a strong relationship and will it survive or not.



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