3 Ways to Bond With Your New Partner

3 Ways to Bond With Your New PartnerOur culture and world seem to be disposable, and many things are not meant to last long. Some things we even don’t want to last at all. However, this culture shouldn't be transferred to our relationships, that’s why strong bonds are very important for every couple. Don’t think that if you’re a new couple, your way will start later on, in fact you already can improve your relations with your cutie. Just use these simple tips on bonding with your new partner.

The process of creating strong bonds begins on the initial phase of any relationship. If you don’t start now, in a few weeks you will be exhausted and break up. With little or not effort put into ensuring your relationship’s longevity, you have no chances. And even if you stay together, you will feel the lack of bonding, that would make two of you closer to each other.

#1 Place more importance on the word “We”. When you’re a new couple, you mostly can’t get rid of your usual way of thinking. You think of yourself, that’s why you say such words as “Me”, “I”, “My” and “Mine”. Stop being so selfish and instead of focusing on yourself think of your partner and your couple. Try to use more words “We” and “Our”, and thus you will acknowledge your partner and their needs.

#2 Find a hobby you can practice together. There’s nothing that can make your relationship stronger, than practicing a hobby together. It can be your hobby or the hobby of your partner that you want to pick up. Or it can be a new hobby for two of you, that will make you closer to each other. Whatever you choose, don’t make your partner practice it just because you want or like it, as well as you don’t have to sacrifice your own interests. Find something that both of you are willing to start and you find it interesting. For instance, if both of you can’t cook, you can go to cooking lessons and start a tradition of cooking Saturday night dinners together.

#3 Create new memories together. The couples that can create new memories together, can stay together. You need adventures that you will remember forever. You decide what will be your adventure: writing letters to each other or jumping into a bottomless pond. Take your partner on an adventure they will never forget. Even if you fail, fall or laugh, you will talk a lot and you will remember this experience.

Creating strong bonds in a new relationship is always hard, but the game is worth the candles. And remember, that it always takes two of you to improve your relationship. Engage your partner in this little adventure and you will have strong bonds, that will let your new couple grow old together.



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