10 Awesome First Date Ideas

10 Awesome First Date IdeasFirst date can lead to strong relations as well as be a disaster that neither of you will never forget. Well, may be in couple of years you will laugh together remembering you vomiting after the hilarious ride at the amusement park you went to, but it's not likely. If you don't want such consequences, use our 10 awesome first date ideas.

#1 Daytime date. We're all used to have dates in the evening, when dim lights create romantic atmosphere, but daytime dates are really unusual and give you chance to escape the date, if something goes wrong. Choose nice coffee-shops that create romantic atmosphere, and leave fluorescent Starbucks for meetings with your colleagues.

#2 Strolling in the park. It's always nice to go for a walk in the park, whether it's summer or winter. You can feed ducks and watch people go by. Also hop on a swing set, and get a couple of hot dogs and pretzels. You won't get broke and any other date ideas will look like your own improvement.

#3 Bowling. Everyone loves bowling for its fun. Even if you can't hold your ball on the alley, you will have plenty of funny moments to fill in the seconds of awkward silence.

#4 Museum, zoo, aquarium. Choosing one of these options requires you to have some background knowledge about your date. For instance, you need to know tastes in order to choose an interesting place for the date and you need to know exhibitions that are worth seeing. In case you're not sure, choose zoos or aquariums.

#5 Try cooking class. This first date idea is not for everyone, because the cooking class doesn't give you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other, but you will definitely spend great time. You can show your date your own cooking skills, and is there anything better, than a meal cooked by yourself?

#6 Play tourist. Are you sure that there are no interesting places to see in your town or city? Even if there are really any, play a tourist and take a walk down the streets. Check different coffee-shops that recently opened and choose something that you really like.

#7 BYO-picnic. It actually can be a part of your park-strolling first date, but in case you don't want to walk and you already know a great place in the park you'd like to take your date to, organize a BYO-picnic. Divide responsibilities with your date, for instance, one takes drinks, the other brings food and picks location.

#8 Fun activities. You need to talk a lot on the first date, but if you're not very talkative person or can't find a topic to talk about, then engage your date in some fun activity, like go-karts or paintball.

#9 Theater. Going to a theater is great, and it's much better than going to the cinema (in fact, the latter should be saved for the second or third date, when you already know each other). Live performance with actors and actresses is fantastic. But if you really want to go to the theater, you need to know, that your date is an artsy type.

#10 Rock climbing. Skydiving would be much better, and if you can convince your lady to do that on your first date, you can even book a wedding chapel as well. But skydiving is very expensive, so unless you're extremely rich and crazy, don't do that. Instead of skydiving try something else not less exciting, but definitely less expensive, like rock climbing.



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