6 Signs That You Need to Let Your Relationship Go

6 Signs That You Need to Let Your Relationship GoAt first you felt butterflies in your stomach, but overwhelming attraction didn’t become the bond, and now the first thought you wake up with is why everything changed and became this way. You feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t get out of it. Stop pretending like everything is OK, it’s time to read up the signs that you need to let your relationship go.

It’s pretty normal that relationship and people change. We all grow up, become more mature and our relationship with other people become somewhat else. While some bonds get stronger and stronger every day, the other get weaker. May be, you’re currently experiencing the latter, and that makes you feel angry, frustrated and unhappy in general. You don’t want to see your partner any more, you do it because it’s your duty. But relationship is not a job, so maybe it’s time to give up what you’re doing and have a better life.

#1 You don’t see your future with your partner. The sign of a good relationship is that you’re excited of the future that you will have together. At the same time you live now and don’t regret for anything in the past, have many bright moments to hold to. But if you kind of stuck in the past and afraid of the future together with your partner, it’s the red flag that something is really wrong with your relationship.

#2 Your desire for space is increasing. It’s normal for everyone to have “me time”, when you can unwind and relax. But if your desire for the “me time” is increasing and you want less and less “us time”, it’s also a warning sign.

#3 You have totally different values. It’s one of the things that only time can reveal. Till you don’t know each other well, you might think that everything is OK. But now, when you see that your and your partner’s values, aims and motivation are totally out of sync, it’s better to leave this person behind and go on your own.

#4 You think of other people. We all dream sometimes and think, what would be if… And if you often dream about being with other person or just wonder, if there someone else who’s better suited for you, don’t ignore this sign.

#5 You constantly feel disrespected, hurt, insignificant, ashamed, guilty or under-appreciated. Your partner might mess up occasionally and come with remorse, which is not the reason to quit. But if you have bad feelings towards your partner on a regular basis and your partner doesn’t seem to be sorry for that, it’s time to tell your partner to hit the road.

#6 You don’t trust your partner anymore. Trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship. And once you lose it, you never regain it again. Mutual distrust causes jealousy and anger, makes you possessive and provokes negative feelings. And once you hit the point when you stop trusting your partner, it’s hard to come back from that and it’s just time to end your relationship.



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