7 Rules to Forget Someone You Love

7 Rules to Forget Someone You LovePeople come and the go away, leaving you with broken heart and tears on your face. You cared for them, you loved them, and now it's time to forget them. Whether you want to forget about your best friend whom you secretly crushed on, or your boyfriend who turned out to be a real bastard, stick to these very effective rules, that will help you forget the person you love.

Rule #1: Accept what happened. Don't neglect and pretend like nothing happened at all. Don't try to look very brave and that the break-up didn't affect your life and feelings at all. Cry, if you want to, you even can eat a bucket of your favorite ice-cream watching any movie (though the latter won't help you at all), but you have to accept, that now you begin a new life without the person you love.

Rule #2: Don't try not to think about this person. The trick is not blocking your thoughts about the person who dumped you. If you sit on your couch and control your thoughts never letting them turn to the person you want to forget, you will inevitably think about them. Just don't control your thoughts, that's all.

Rule #3: Don't talk to this person. It's impossible to forget someone, if you constantly talk to them. No matter what ways of communication you choose, chatting, texts, Facebook messages or pigeon mail, they won't help you get over them. How can you forget someone, if you talk to them? By the way, if you still didn't do that, delete this person from all your social media, even their phone number. Just erase it and forget it, if you know it by heart.

Rule #4: Avoid anything that reminds you about this person. You've stopped talking about this person, now try to avoid anything, that can remind you about them. Throw away their gifts or clothes, if you have some (well, something you can leave, like nice jewelry, but just hide it somewhere for now). Also try to stay away from your common friends.

Rule #5: No “if”. Dwelling on your past never brings you anything good. You can't change anything, but your thoughts will only aggravate your mind. So don't you ever think “what would happen, if...”.

Rule #6: Set a goal. Having a goal in your life will help you transit to another stage. Start with any small goal, that will make you feel happy, if you achieve them. Whether it's listening to your favorite music before you go to bed, or washing dishes, or even walking every day for 30 minutes, having the goals will fill your life with a sense.

Rule #7: Travel. Traveling is the best way to forget anyone. Get out and see the world you live in. Buy a bus ticket, plane ticket or train ticket to any city or country you want to see. Once you see what the world holds, you stop thinking about that person.



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