How to Make Your Partner Break Up With You

How to Make Your Partner Break Up With YouBreaking up is always hard and it needs some courage to tell the partner things that will definitely hurt them. But for those who can't stand any confrontation, being dumped is much better than breaking up. So, if you're a real coward, this guide will help you make your partner break up with you.

Making your partner break up with you needs some strategy and time. Don't expect that everything will happen in a day or two, because your partner might need a week or even a month to get your message right. And while you're on your way of sabotaging your relationship, don't do anything halfheartedly. It will only make your partner annoyed with you, and you will be irritated that your actions don't bring any results. So, if you're into it, then it's time to make your devilish plan.

No communication. Communication is crucial for any relationship, whether it's love, friendship or just being a good neighbor. And if you stop talking to your partner, soon they will leave you. You can stop talking literary or avoid talking about anything important, choose whatever you like. And if you're apt for the latter, then avoiding conversations is really simple. Whenever your partner wants to talk to you about something important, like planning your holidays together, meeting parents or just asking where you'd like to go for the next date, say, that you nave no time. Constant postponing talks and being busy all the time will make your relationship self-destruct, but get ready that it might take lots of time in some cases.

No priority. Relationship always goes priority number one, and people do things that they don't want to just to make their partners happy. Now it's time to be selfish to the bone and never think about relationship. Whenever your partner asks you for a date, say, that you've got no time, because you have yoga, football game or a party with your friends. Make your partner understand, that your own life is more important for you than relationship.

Be extremely jealous. Jealousy kills relationship, it just takes some time! So, if you want your partner to break up with you, then start being jealous. For instance, during the lunch, ask your partner as many questions as you can about what they were doing, how's their work, what they're talking about with their coworkers or friends. And when you finally get all that information, start accusing your partner, that they spend too much time with other people rather than with you. Also start following your partner everywhere, showing that you have no life outside your relationship. It will work very fast, because no one likes clingy and jealous people.

Be needy. In case you just don't know how to show your jealousy, then show your greediness. Become extremely needy and call your partner every 15 minutes, ask them for presents and when they bring it, say, that it's not what you actually wanted. Your demands that your partner can't meet, will make them run away from you.

Flirt with other people. Nobody wants to be around with someone, who constantly gives attention to other people. Flirting around can make your partner understand, that you're no more into them. By the way, flirt also when your partner isn't around, but one of their friends is. It will work even faster.



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