4 Common Wedding Emergencies (and How to Handle Them)

4 Common Wedding Emergencies (and How to Handle Them)Everyone wants their wedding day to go off without a hitch, but the sad truth is that anything can happen. Some wedding emergencies are impossible to prevent because there are things that are beyond our control. But if you are prepared to deal with them, nothing will be able to spoil the happiest day of your life. Here are 4 common wedding emergencies and our advice on how to handle them.

Beauty emergencies. There are tons of beauty emergencies you might encounter. Pick your worst nightmare scenario: you wake up with a huge zit or puffy eyes; your dress rips or you spill something on it; you mascara runs; your nail chips; your hair gets frizzy; you break the heel on your shoe. The best way to be prepared for beauty emergencies is to pack a wedding day survival kit that allows to fix almost anything in a matter of minutes. You can delegate this task to your wedding planner or maid of honor, but we strongly recommend that you check the kit before the wedding and make sure it contains everything you deem necessary.

Family drama. Whether it's divorced parents, sibling rivalry or in-laws from hell, family drama is almost impossible to avoid at big family gatherings. This, of course, includes weddings. Family arguments take the focus away from the happy couple and make everyone uncomfortable. To prevent family drama, find a way to separate people who are likely to get into an argument with one another (sit them at different tables, ask other guests to keep them occupied, etc.).

Your flower girl or ring bearer is freaking out. The youngest members of your wedding party might cause some trouble. Even the most well-behaved children can get nervous or overexcited during a wedding. When your ring bearer or flower girl is tough to handle, scared or fussy, there are several possible solutions. If there is enough time before the ceremony, let them take a nap or give them a snack. If this doesn't help, ask a parent or someone from the wedding party to escort the little one down the aisle. Finally, if the flower girl or ring bearer absolutely refuses to cooperate, just skip this part of the ceremony entirely.

Bad weather. If you've opted for an outdoor wedding, you absolutely need a plan B in case of weather emergencies. For example, you can ask your venue if they have an indoor space you could use if it starts raining or simply rent a tent. If you have no backup plan, it starts raining on your wedding day and your venue has no indoor space, you need to pull all the strings you can. Know someone who might have a tent you can borrow? Call them and ask for help. Send someone from your wedding party to the convenience store to pick up some umbrellas and ponchos for your guests.



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