5 Things to Do After a Breakup

5 Things to Do After a BreakupEnding a relationship is always hard, no matter whether the breakup was messy or amicable. You suddenly find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands and the urge to do something stupid. But please, don't do anything you might regret later! Here's a list of safe and helpful things to do after a breakup that will make you feel better.

Buy all new bedding. We're totally serious. Do you really want to sleep on bedsheets that remind you of passionate sex and/or lazy morning cuddles with your ex? You need a brand new start, so why not start with buying brand new bedsheets? After a breakup, a lot of people feel the urge to change something, and revamping your bedroom is a much safer option than getting a crazy haircut.

Cut all ties with your ex. Even if your split was amicable, you need to keep your distance from your ex to get over. Don't text, don't call, don' meet in person. Hide them from your social feeds if you parted on good terms or unfriend/block them if your breakup was messy. Ask your friends not to tell you anything about your ex. Don't communicate with your ex until you can picture him or her with someone else and not feel anger, jealousy or regret.

Let yourself cry. It is normal to feel many conflicting emotions such as anger, sadness, resentment, confusion, fear. If you try to ignore or suppress them, it will take you much longer to get over the breakup. So don't bottle up your emotions. Let yourself cry. Let yourself be sad and angry. Follow Lorelai Gilmore's advice, have a good long cry and wallow. It'll help, we promise.

Reach out to people. Getting over a breakup on your own isn't a good idea. You need to surround yourself with people who will listen to you, support you and help keep you positive. First, reach out you trusted friends and family members. Right after the breakup, you need to be around people who you can be honest with. When you start feeling better, reconnect with old friends or meet new people to fill the void in your social life (many people lose some of their friends and acquaintances after a breakup).

Do the things you love. In a perfect world, relationships shouldn’t keep us from doing the things we enjoy. But real life is not perfect. If you had to sacrifice some of the things you love when you were in a relationship, now it's time to catch up. Eat your favorite food, hang out with your friends, pick up a new hobby or two, visit the places you've always wanted to visit. In other words, keep yourself occupied. There are just two rules here: keep from self-destructive behavior and don't do the things that make you miss being a couple.



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