How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows That Your Spouse Will Love

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows That Your Spouse Will LoveReading your wedding vows is the most touching part of the reception ceremony. But when you think of so many things to organize, exactly the ceremony is given the least attention. You think that you can be fine with someone’s vows you’ve downloaded from the Internet, but you’re wrong. And while writing your own wedding vows may seem to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, later it will really be worth it.

There’s lots of information about writing your own wedding vows. You can find many books and even every person you ask to help will come with their own tips. But we’re going to structure this information and make the process as smooth as possible for you, so you know where to begin, what to write and what to expect from your vows.

#1 Agree with your partner on the format. Format is the most important thing in your vows, and you need to agree with your partner on it. For instance, will it be the traditional vows or would you like something that will make your guests laugh and cry? Will you have certain phrases that will be common for your vows? You can use “I promise you” as an overall structure and end your vows with the same phrase, like “Thank you for marrying me”, “I will love you forever” etc. Or may be, you want something unusual, when you and your spouse are saying each line or your vows in turns, that make two pieces a whole one.

#2 Find inspiration. Writing the wedding vows is really difficult, so you need inspiration for that. You can read real wedding vows and choose the ones that you like the most. Think, what makes you like these vows so much. May be it’s the style or certain promises, or the lightness of the text, where everything is very simple. When you know what inspires you, you can start writing your own vows.

#3 The plot. There are many things you can write in your vows, but what to begin with? Start with your past, and remember the time when you first met or when you fell in love with your spouse. This will be the best beginning for the vows. Continue with your promises, that can be very broad in scope as well as very specific. Close the text with the final vow or the phrase you’ve chosen to use with your partner.

#4 Add details. Details is what makes your vows really good. Focus on the details that symbolize your relationship and write from that. For instance, what you appreciate your partner is doing, and what they appreciate that you’re doing, what do you respect the most about your partner, is there something that you need to work on to build a stronger relationship? When your vows are full of little and significant just for the two of you things, they really mean a lot.

#5 Read it aloud. When you’re finished with your vows, it’s time to read them aloud. It sounds silly, but you need it to hear the tongue twisters (need to be avoided) and too long sentences (need to be cut short). If you’re OK with sharing your vows, read it to your friend or a family member, so they can say what they think about it.

#6 Your vows are only for you. Remember one last thing, that your vows are only for you and your spouse, so write and present them the way you feel. If you want your vows to be silly and pronounced in a scuba suit, do it if your partner doesn’t mind. Your vows can be whatever and even never sound like vows at all. But you know, that these words are only yours, and you won’t sound like someone else.



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