5 Alternatives to Wedding Receiving Line

5 Alternatives to Wedding Receiving LineGood manners require you to greet all your guests at your wedding ant thank them for coming, that's why receiving lines were created. But modern weddings may have a fresh look on traditional receiving line and omit it or change it to make it more comfortable for you and your guests. These wedding receiving line alternatives will help you skip over this tiresome for everyone ceremony and greet all your guest personally.

#1 “Lite” receiving line. For many of us the receiving line is a must, and if you also want to have it at your wedding, but at the same time you don't want to make your guests stay in it for about 40 minutes just to shake your hand, say “Hello” and talk to people they've never met, make a “lite” version of your receiving line. Traditionally, the hosts of the line include the bride and groom, their parents and the bridal party, that means too many people! Cut your receiving line just to you and your fiance. The things will go along faster, and the fathers and groomsmen can take on responsibility to introduce guests to each other.

#2 Do table visits. If you're planning to invite about 50 guests, it's better to plan personal table visits during the reception. Now you can mix and mingle with the crowd and chat with everyone as long as you want to. Also use this time to give your guests wedding favors! The cons of this alternative is that guests can mingle, too, and in the end of the evening you might worry, whether you've greeted everyone. So if you have more than 50 guests, it's better to stay out of this idea, because you will spend the whole evening talking to everyone, you almost won't eat anything and may end up leaving someone forgotten.

#3 Throw a welcome party. This is a great idea for destination weddings. Now you don't need to bother with lines, because you've already spent time with all your guests at your welcome party that lasted all weekend. By the time the big day arrives, you certainly know, that you've hung out with everybody.

#4 Welcome your guests before the ceremony. Receiving line is usually formed immediately after the ceremony, but if you don't have much time for that, greet your guests before it. Arrive earlier and greet all your guests at the entrance of the venue.

#5 Use cocktail hour. It's not only your guests who can talk to each other during the cocktail hour. Instead of taking tons of pictures, use this time to greet your guests! You can stand in the center and let your guests come up to you, or you can mingle and greet them. Use this idea only if you've got about 120 guests and under.



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