What Your Desk Can Say About You

What Your Desk Can Say About YouYour desk at home and at work can tell lots of things about you. And we bet you must have heard some of the cliches, like untidy desk belongs to creative people. So look at your working place, and find out what your desk can say about you.

#1 Your desk is stuffed with many items. Your desk looks like a clutter, but it's not a total mess at the same time. You've got many different things on your desk, that sparkle, flash, dazzle and have color. You also have a bowl of candies or tasty snacks, fun pictures on the wall and a cup that matches the mouse. If you do, then you're an extrovert, and you long for attention that your desk brings you. No one can pass by your desk, because it's so inviting with all that funny things and a candies on your desk!

#2 Your desk is highly personalized. Many people have a picture of their family on their desk, but it doesn't mean that the desk is personalized. Many pictures, things that you love, hand-written notes... Your desk is really stylish, what people can say about it. And if it really happens to be this way, then you're a confident, educated, curious, intellectual and open-minded person.

#3 Your desk is neat on Monday, but it's a mess on Friday. You start working at a neat place, but eventually it turns to the mess by the end of the week. In fact, many people have such desks! And if you're one of them, then you can find it hard to break some habits, you try, but you eventually get around to them.

#4 Many inspirational messages. Inspirational messages on your desk and plastered to the wall indicate a bit neurotic people. But don't get the wrong idea about it, because inspirational messages calm anxiety and help communicate better.

#5 Uncommon objects. What are uncommon objects on the desk? It can be really anything that you don't expect to see at the desk of the grownup: robots, vintage typewriters, stuffed octopus and even artwork. Such desk can indicate a creative person, who embraces new ideas and experiences.

#6 An organized desk. You always keep your desk organized, there's nothing that can distract you and that you don't use on your desk. You're as organized as your desk, and you're a highly reliable person.

#7 A minimalist desk. Even an organized person can have different personal stuff on their desks, but minimalists usually have nothing. They tend to make their desks free of anything. Such desks indicate alert, ordered and disciplined people. The minimalist desks look mysterious, because they seem to have no innate ties to the owner.



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