How to Write a Breakup Letter

How to Write a Breakup LetterIt's not a good idea to end your relations with a letter, however, thousands of people choose this way. Some think that they are cowards, while others find it the best way to let the partner know why they want to break up, especially if they have a nasty habit to interrupt and never listen to what they are told. Use these tips on how to write a breakup letter and say what's in your heart.

Don't download the examples of breakup letters. The first thing that you'd like to do is to find an example of a breakup letter and use it. Don't do that, because these won't be your words, and your partner will see that. Don't offend them even more by the fact, that they do not deserve the truth and the reason why you split. So grab a pen and a sheet of paper and write about your feelings.

Start you breakup letter with the reason why you write it. First of all, you need an explanation, maybe, you've been pondering for a while for that breakup and it affected your behavior, so it's the way how you can start. If you can't find any words, do that as simple as it can be “I don't know where to begin” and “I'm really sorry that I have to write this, but it's not easy for me neither”.

Add something nice. We're sure that you've got something good to remember about your relationship with your partner. So bring that to the surface and show, how much these memories are precious for you. You do this to show your partner, that there were some great days you spent together, but they are gone now and the reason comes in the next abstract.

Reveal the reason why you break up. Now write your partner, what has made you to make this hard decision. May be, you want to get married and settle with your partner in your hometown and run business here, and your partner is dreaming about moving to a bigger city and looking for a better job. Or you've just fallen out of love. Again, write about the reason why that happened. Remember not to be too honest, that's why such reasons like “I've met someone new who's got a better body. I've told you to lose a couple of pounds, but you've never listened to me!” isn't good.

Don't blame on your partner. Yes, we understand, that your partner has invested in your breakup, however, it's also your fault. Relationships are never about only giving or taking, they are about equality, so if something went wrong, you're also responsible for that. So don't blame on your partner and don't blame on yourself, instead of that write about how you feel: what upsets you in your relations and why you couldn't accept it. This way you let your partner grow and learn the mistakes they've made.

Now you can finish your letter. Don't add anything like “Maybe, we could talk” or “I'll call you later”, because it gives your partner a hope that the relationship is not over and everything can be mended. You've made your decision, so there's no way back.

When your letter is finished, even don't think about sending it. You write it to express all your feelings and what's on your mind. Sleep on it for a couple of days and then reread it, you might want to write something more or remove some sentences. Only when you know that the breakup letter is really what you wanted to say, you can send it.

Think of sending a gift with the letter. Some people think that good-bye gifts are one of the way to comfort the partner after saying “good-bye forever”, while others find them inappropriate. If you think that an “I'm sorry” teddy-bear would comfort your partner, then you can send it with the letter. Also if your partner has given you an engagement and even a wedding band, think about returning it with the letter.



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