6 Fun Things to Do With Friends This Summer

6 Fun Things to Do With Friends This SummerSummer is the best time when you can spend as much time with your friends as you want to. But even now don't forget, that you just can't aimlessly hang around you friend's house and think, that you're doing right. After such sessions you and your friend will be disappointed, because getting bored together is the worst thing that can happen. You need to spend quality time, and this list of 6 fun things to do with friends this summer will help you.

#1 Plan a luau. A luau is a Hawaiian party, that your friends will definitely like. It features special food and dancing. Luaus are organized at any open area (your backyard will be great), also you will need leis, that you can make beforehand or have your friends make them at the party. Concerning the food, choose any Hawaiian dishes, but the most common for luau are kalua pig, poi, lomi salmon, haupia and beer.

#2 Have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Everyone loves watermelons, but what do you do with the seeds? You definitely spit them out. So why don't you ask your friends to enjoy a ripe watermelon and participate in a seed spitting contest? You can make it even funner, if you prepare different stations for the contest. The stations may include a sticky zone (made of a cardboard box), a distance zone, an accuracy zone (you need to spit the seeds in a bowl) etc. See, who will score the most points!

#3 Make friendship bracelets. When it's rainy or too hot outside, you can visit your friend's house and together make friendship bracelets. The more people, the more bracelets!

#4 Bury your friend in the sand. If you have an opportunity to go to the beach with your friends, don't miss a chance to bury one of your friends in the sand. You will make hundreds of fun pictures!

#5 Play frisbee golf. Although golf is very popular, it's still not for everybody. But you can enjoy frisbee golf with your friends. It's free and all you need is a couple of discs.

#5 Throw a food-mixing party. Having a party without any theme is very boring, but if you can't find anything you could use, then think of inventing new food. We must admit, that it's better to not mix porridge, corn and beef, or cereals and ketchup, because you might have a disaster. But you could try to invent a new pizza or an ice cream sandwich. The most adventurous may try a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, peanut butter hamburger, honey or melted chocolate cheese pizza, French fries dipped in honey, popcorn with ketchup, hot dog with jelly.

#6 Play board games. There might be old board games that are dusting in your attic. It's time to take them out and remember the rules. Board games are great, because you can play them in any groups. Also you can hold a tournament and compete against each other.



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