6 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Friends

6 Ways to Spend Quality Time With FriendsFree time is the most precious thing that we have. We're constantly busy after work, that's why we can't spend as much time with friends, as we'd like to. Occasional meetings at a coffee shop or chatting on the phone aren't enough to keep friendship alive, that's why you need to think about spending quality time with friends.

#1 Make dinner for your friends. There's nothing better than a homemade food. You can throw such small parties every time you come back from a trip. While you're traveling in another country or stay at your relatives who live in another city, you can learn cooking a new dish. And when you come back home, you can cook it for your friends and make them go through emotions that you had while tasting it for the first time. And those people who are not real travelers can use the Internet. There are many recipes for you to try.

#2 Play sports or work out together. Going to the gym may be one of your top priorities. Taking care of health is good, but why don't you include your friends into it? Going to the gym or playing any sports together boosts your competitive spirit and motivates you to work harder and better.

#3 Watch you favorite TV series together. There are certainly some TV shows or series that you and your friend love watching. And if you have free time for them, so watch them together. Catch up for the latest episode of your favorite TV series, have a glass of wine, some good snacks and enjoy this time. After that you can chat together and share the gossips.

#4 Host a nail night. Going to the salon is always great, especially, if you do it together with your friends. But you can do even better by throwing a nail night. Ask your friends to bring a bottle each and finally test the trends you've seen on Pinterest. You will have lots to of time for that, and applying enamel on your nails together with your friends isn't as boring as on your own.

#5 Visit a local museum or theater. We all make the same mistake by thinking, that our local museums and theaters are not so interesting as the ones in foreign countries. Try to prove that by visiting your local museum with your friends. You will find out, that your local history is as interesting and fascinating as in other countries and cities.

#6 Organize a clothes swap. You and your friends have piles of things that you don't want to wear any more. So why don't you organize a clothes swap? You can give clothes that you don't need or don't like any more to your friends and take something that you'd like to have. And in case you've got something that nobody wanted, donate it to any charitable organizations.



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