7 Reasons to Have a Sarcastic Friend

7 Reasons to Have a Sarcastic FriendSarcasm isn't actually the very first thing that is needed to be friends with someone, however many of us have a sarcastic friend. This person may annoy you or make you laugh hilarious, but you just can't imagine your life without them. And if you don't have anyone full of sarcasms around you, we've prepared 7 reasons for you to have a sarcastic friend.

#1 Sarcastic friend can improve your creativity. Sarcasm is usually described as the lowest form of wit, but actually it helps you be more creative. Sarcastic exchanges with your friend stimulate the creative segment of the brain and keep your wit sharp. By the way, did you know, that Pablo Picasso created this masterpieces only because he always argued with French revolutionary Henri Matisse. His disregard of artistic norms made Picasso achieve greater heights!

#2 Sarcasm will open your mind. In case you don't have a dynamic scene of humor, a sarcastic friend will show you the world. You will learn to laugh at sarcasm and if you do that, then there's nothing to limit the jokes.

#3 You're hardly insulted by other people. Having a sarcastic friend around you means that you will always be insulted. Well, only this person can call you stupid and bring back to earth, and guess what, you're not insulted at all! You develop the same attitude to everyone, so when person deliberately wants to insult you, there's no chance.

#4 Your friend will have your back. You know, how hard it may be to be BFF with a sarcastic person, but when someone makes you feel terrible and you don't get any words to respond, your friend will unleash the hell on this person. Believe it, your friend will be there, when you need them.

#5 A sarcastic friend will make you a better communicator. Being able to communicate with everyone is very important skill. Yes, it's easier to communicate with individuals, who deliver their ideas in similar manners to us, but the real pro can understand all people regardless the way they present their ideas.

#6 They teach you not to take things so seriously. You're a very serious person, but you don't need to take life this way all the time. And if you can't make the worst situation a bit lighter with a joke, then your friend will do that for you. No matter what happens, it's not the end of the world, and now life seems to be much easier.

#7 You laugh a lot. The best reason to have a sarcastic friend in your life, is just because you can laugh a lot. This person supports you with their humor, so embrace your friend and see how your life becomes easier.



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