5 Benefits of Living Alone

5 Benefits of Living AloneA lot of young adults share an apartment with one or several roommates not only to cut the expenses, but because they don't want to live alone and come home to an empty apartment after work. However, some people prefer to live alone if they can afford it because living by yourself has numerous benefits.

#1. You can live exactly how you like. Living alone means that you don't have to adapt to your roommate's schedule, habits and quirks. You don't have to share a bathroom with another person or fight for personal space. And you can be as clean or as messy as you want to be: you will never have to clean up your roommate's mess or listen to them complain about the mess you've made.

#2. Blessed silence. When you want some peace and quiet, you get it. If you have no roommates, you don't have to listen to other people playing music, watching TV, talking loudly, slamming doors, having sex, or singing in the shower. On the other hand, if you want to do all these things, no one will stop you! (Just make sure that the walls of your apartment aren't too thin and your neighbors aren't too sensitive.)

#3. Independence and control. When you live by yourself, you have total control of the way you live your life. This means several important things. First, you get do to things as you please. You don't have to explain anything to other people or adapt to anyone. Second, you learn to be independent and take responsibility. There's no one to remind you to pay the bills or buy your groceries. It can be tough at first, but it teaches you to take care of yourself and to deal with a lot of things on your own.

#4. No one gets sexiled. Having a sex life when you're living with a roommate can be tricky. You have to give them a heads-up before bringing home your significant other (fling, one-night stand). And when your roommate brings someone home, you either have to spend the night elsewhere or get cooped up in your room and bump into a naked stranger in your kitchen the morning after. When you live alone, you don't have such problems.

#5. You can decorate your home to your own tastes. When you share an apartment with someone, the only place you get to decorate exactly how you want is your bedroom. When it comes to decorating the living room, kitchen or any other shared room, everyone gets to have a say, and you might have to compromise or put up with your roommates' terrible design choices just because they've outvoted you. But if you live by yourself, you can decorate the entire apartment without asking for anyone's opinion. And if you want to paint the walls red, there is no one to stop you.



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