10 Nice Things You Can Do for Your Friend

10 Nice Things You Can Do for Your FriendBringing happiness to life of your friends is super easy, and you mostly don't need big sums to spend on that. Doing nice things for your friend will show them, how much you care and appreciate your friendship. And it's also the way to show your support, when your friend is stressed or depressed.

#1 Bring them some soup. When your friend is ill, it's super thoughtful to bring them some home-made soup. If you have no time for cooking, then buy it, but make sure, that you choose you friend's favorite soup.

#2 Send a postcard or a letter. If your friend lives in the other city, then sending a postcard or even a letter will show them, that they are remembered and thought about. In case you don't have time for postcards, then you could send an e-card.

#3 Offer to babysit. Your friend might be very busy and never goes out with their spouse and without kids. Being with children all the time might be tiresome, so you can offer your friend to babysit. The tickets to movie or suggestion to visit a new restaurant combined with your offering will be a very nice surprise.

#4 Take your friend out for a cup of coffee. Comfy chairs, a cup of tasty coffee... What can be better for you and your friend? Use this idea to let your friend shake off the stress, or celebrate their success.

#5 Bake some cookies. There's nothing better, than cookies baked for a friend, who enjoys sweets treats. Your friend will know, that you were thinking of them!

#6 Buy your friend a book. Even if your friend is not a bookworm, a book is still a good present for them. The book you choose might be actually anything: funny or inspirational, a novel or a collection of poetry. By the way, books are also great presents, because you can write a not on them, and your friend will never lose it.

#7 Introduce your friend to new people. In case your friend has just moved to a new city, it would be nice to introduce them to new people. By the way, it won't cost you anything.

#8 Invite your friend for a workout. If you know, that your friend will enjoy the class of yoga or a run in a park with you, then invite them for a workout. But be careful, because your friend might think it's kind of a hint, that they need to lose weight. Use this tip only if you know, that your invitation won't be misunderstood.

#9 Help your friend with shopping. We don't say, that you need to spend a whole day with your friend doing shopping. We're talking about little things, like calling your friend from a grocery and asking, if they need something, that you could drop off. It won't take much time, but your friend will appreciate it.

#10 Take your friend to lunch. If you work near your friend, then spend your lunch together in a nearby restaurant. You will have super brownie points, if your friend has a really bad day. But even if its not, it's still a great idea!



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