Fun Activities With Friends for a Rainy Day

Fun Activities With Friends for a Rainy DayYou didn't intend stay inside, but rain ruined all your plans for the day or evening. Don't get too upset, because there are so many fun activities you can do with friends on a rainy day.

Sunny days are always great and you enjoy the time you spend together with your friends. You are never bored, because there are hundreds, no, thousands of things you can do. But when it's pouring outside, you're restricted to indoor activities, It makes you feel terrible, because you don't know how you can spend this time and have fun.

Board games. It's the very first that should come to your mind. Take interesting board games, like Monopolia or Scrabble. Have fun with your friends! By the way, you can order a new game and keep it for such occasions.

Watch movies. A rainy day is a great opportunity to watch your favorite movie with your friends. Choose one and make some popcorn and feel like in a real movie theater. After the end you can discuss the film, or do it while you're watching.

Cook. There are plenty of things you can cook together with your friends. What about pizza? Choose the toppings you would like and enjoy the best pizza ever! If you want something tasty and healthy, then make some smoothies. And those who loves experiments can try crazy dishes by combining different ingredients together.

Draw portraits. You don't have to be a skillful artist to draw your friend's portrait. The less skillful you are, the funnier the process will be.

Singing contest. Do you love karaoke? People who sing often are very happy. So make your day happier by organizing a singing contest with your friends. Choose the winner of the day and think about the award to present. Make it all real!

Make crazy hairdos. It's a good tip for girls who don't know how to spend time. Take brushes, hairspray, hairbands and hairpins and start doing crazy hairdos. When you finish it, then go to mani and pedi.

Who told you that you have to stay indoors on a rainy day? Now here are some fun ideas for you to do outside!

Sit on a porch. Make hot chocolate or smoothies for everyone, go to porch and just watch the rain. There's nothing like that! You're close to nature right now and get in a philosophical mood.

Enjoy the rain. It's time to reconnect with your childhood, and it's a great idea if it's not pouring like cats and dogs. Take on your rubber boots and rain jacket, and go to play in mud. If you choose it, make sure that you all have something dry to wear afterwards.



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