5 Rules of a Rebound Relationship

5 Rules of a Rebound RelationshipThere are different ways to move on from a past relationship. Some people learn to enjoy being single before starting to date again, while others throw themselves into a rebound relationship (they say that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone). Rebound relationships are not bad per se, but they might end bad if you don't follow some simple rules. Here are 5 rules of a rebound relationship.

Make sure you're on the same page. It is important that you are honest with people you're trying to date while you're on a rebound. They deserve the right to know what your intentions are. Don't try to date someone who is interested in a serious relationship because there is a high probability that you will break their heart. And we're sure you're not the kind of person to break someone's heart intentionally. Look for people who want a casual relationship and be open about your dating history. You don't have to (and you shouldn't) tell all the details, just let them know you're fresh out of a relationship.

Remember that some people are off-limits. It is not advisable to have a rebound relationship with someone you actually want to date because rebounds rarely turn into long-term committed relationship. There are exceptions, of course, but exceptions only prove the rule. You also shouldn't rebound with any of your exes, your last partner's friends or family members, or someone who would like to date you seriously.

Take it slow. We don't mean sex. If your idea of a rebound is casual sex, that's okay as long as you're being safe. We mean that you shouldn't try to start a serious relationship when you've just ended one. Dating is okay, go ahead and date the hell out of your fling. But moving in together or getting engaged is too much. Don't jump into anything, this will prevent you from hurting someone or getting hurt yourself.

Date outside your usual type. Dating someone who's similar to your last partner won't help you get over them, it will just confuse you. Your last relationship didn't work for a reason, so don't repeat your mistakes. A rebound relationship is your chance to try something new.

Don't flaunt your new relationship. If you split amicably or if you're the one who ended the relationship, it's kindest to keep your new relationships low-key for a few months to avoid hurting your ex. If there's a high chance your ex might find out (for example, via mutual friends), be the first to let them know that you're on the market again. But if you're the one who got dumped and your ex seems to have already moved on, forget about this role and date whoever and however you want.



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