5 Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

5 Ways to Show Your Husband You Love HimThree simple words “I love you” mean a lot, when you're at high school, but not when you're married. We may repeat “I love yous” so many times that we get used to them and never notice them any more. But actions speak louder than words, that's why you can show your husband how much you love him.

When your marriage runs through difficult times, it's so easy to lose faith and the bonds that have been holding you together for such a long time. You need some actions to show your husband that you love him, otherwise your relations won't last long. And we've got many ideas that you can use!

#1 Plan a date. Romance never dies after you get married, but you might be too busy to spend quality time with your husband. Change this situation by planning a date. Let it be weekend, when things are not so crazy as during the week.

#2 Pamper your husband. When your husband comes back tired, pamper him to show your love. Run him a bath and give a massage. If you want some extra romance, then light candles and play soft music. By the way, you can pamper your husband any time you want to, for instance, rub his feet, while you're watching TV.

#3 Cook food he really loves. There's nothing better than a homemade food! And even if you cook every day for your husband, you still can make him happy by preparing dishes he really loves. For instance, let your husband once a week choose a menu for the night or if you want to make a surprise, then cook something, that he adores, but doesn't eat very often. Don't forget about small food surprises, like ice-cream. When you go out with kids to get some ice-cream, save some for your husband in fridge, and he can indulge in it later as he comes back home.

#4 Write a note. It may sound foolish, but it actually works. Any by the way, the note doesn't have to be very long, a sentence or two are enough! Writing and leaving notes shows, that you're thinking of your husband. By the way, try to use some craft paper or sheets from the manly magazines for your notes to make them special.

#5 Hug and kiss your husband. Hugging and kissing are very important demonstrations of love, but we often forget about them. Put down whatever you do and go to kiss and hug your husband when he comes back home or leaves. Also praise him in front of children, friends and relatives, touch as you walk by.

You can make up your own ways to show your husband your love, but remember, that we tend to do things that we'd like to feel and get. So if you want to be sure, that your husband will really appreciate what you do, you need to know his own love language. There are five of them: physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service and gifts. You need to know his own love language and do things that you're sure he will love and appreciate.



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