7 Cute and Little Everyday Surprises for Your Husband

7 Cute and Little Everyday Surprises for Your HusbandMarried life may sometimes seem very boring. All you days are alike and there's no place for surprises, that make you and your husband happier. It's time for big changes and we've gathered a whole bunch of everyday surprises for your husband, that won't cost you a fortune and don't need lots of time for preparation. Let's sparkle you marriage!

#1 Write a note. Do you think that you should have some reason to write your husband a note? Absolutely no, and, by the way, you little note can make his day happier. Take a sheet of colored paper and write down how much you love you husband, or make a hint that something special is waiting for him in the night when he comes back home. Put this note into your hubby's pocket or wallet and wait till he finds it.

#2 Heart-shaped treats. You shouldn't wait all year long for Valentine's Day to cook a heart-shaped breakfast or any other treat for your husband. Serve your husband heart-shaped pancakes or a fried egg and a toast and make his day special early in the morning.

#3 Exaggerate. It's rather very simple, but we never think of that. Use any idea that your husband wants to get and exaggerate it. For instance, your husband wants to have a breakfast, then serve it in bed. Or he wants to watch movie in the night, then take him to the movie theater.

#4 Show up at his work. Lunch-time is the only time during the day when your husband is free, but he can't see you. You can change this situation! Showing up at you husband's work with a home-made lunch is definitely a big surprise. And if you want to make lunch super romantic, then take your spouse to the nearby restaurant.

#5 Unexpected date. Plan a date for you and your husband, but don't tell about that anything. Instead ask him to buy something after the work and show up in the same store where he will be. Then take him to the date you've planned.

#6 Simple romantic dinner. Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. Leave a note that something special is waiting for your husband in the night and put some red kisses on it. Prepare a romantic dinner for two of you and have it with candlelight. Red rose petals on your bed will spice the night up.

#7 Call him. How often do you call your husband during the day? If you never do it and wait till he comes back home, now it's time to change your and his routine. Call your husband just to tell him how much you love him and wish him a good day. In case your husband can't talk to you, then send a love message.

As you see, all these ideas are rather simple, but we forget about these little things when we live for many years with each other. So don't miss a chance to write love notes or type them in big font on Microsoft Word and then make it the main screen, because everything matters, when you're married.



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