How to Survive Wedding When the Bride Is a Bridechilla?

How to Survive Wedding When the Bride Is a Bridechilla?Being a bridesmaid sometimes may be a bit difficult, because you're expected not only to wear a fancy dress, but also help organize different events for the bride. But what to do, when the bride doesn't know, what type of dress she wants you to have or she doesn't visualize her own wedding? Unfortunately, such indecisive brides are hard to deal with. So how to survive wedding, when the bride is a bridechilla?

We're all afraid of bridezillas, the stressed-out brides, who want to have a perfect wedding. They control everything and make everyone around crazy, because they seem to choose wrong color of dress, and their accessories never match the bride's shoes. Many brides don't want to turn into bridezilla, or they just don't have a vision of their perfect wedding, so they choose to be more relaxed, they are really chilled, they are bridechillas.

Bridechillas seem to be very easy-going and they let everyone choose what to wear. They just want everyone to be happy and enjoy their wedding. But in fact, they are no better than bridezillas. Indecisive bridechillas can't choose what they want, so they let bridesmaids (and especially the maid of honor) do whatever they like. It means, that they can choose their own dresses, hairdos, flowers, shoes, accessories, and make sure, that they all match each other. It turns out, that the bridesmaids have to agree on a certain dress color and style, flowers and shoes. When the sky is the limit, it's so hard to make one decision, that would make everyone happy!

The maid of honor has the toughest job. Now she has to be a maid of honor, a full-scale even planner and also a counselor. She has to choose the flavor of a cake, because the bride likes everything, help her with flowers, because she can't make a decision, and even have a look at all invitations types, because the bride likes handmade as well as printed! Whose wedding is it?

Dealing with a bridechilla is really hard, but you can survive this wedding (and also have a great experience in planning and organizing your own), but you know how to do that. These simple tips will help you.

#1 Try to encourage the bride make decisions. The fear of being judged by the color of bridesmaids dresses may have turned your friend into a bridechilla. Your task is to remind her, that no one is going to judge her for the choices she makes, whether it's going to be the theme color, wedding gown or cake flavor.

#2 Be supportive. Support every decision the bride makes, even if you definitely do not like them. For instance, the bride has finally chosen the style of the bridesmaids' dress and you don't like it at all. Agree with her, because it's always better to know exactly what to buy, then exchange hundreds of passive-agressive letters with the bride and bridesmaids till you work it out.

#3 Step in and be free to finalize the decision. In case you know, that bridesmaids and you can finalize the decision faster without the bride, then do that. Don't forget to ask the permission, but we're sure, that the bride will be happy to let you feel free about the issue.



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