8 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Friend

8 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant FriendIt's hard to believe, how fast women forget about the inconveniences and pains of pregnancy. Everyone believes, that it's the most magical period of life, and keep saying different awkward things to pregnant women. Whether you're a man or a woman, remember these 8 things you should never say to a pregnant friend.

#1 You look like a whale/too small, are you sure that you're alright? Never say anything to your friend concerning their size. Women gain weight differently during the pregnancy, so don't play a doctor or the person who knows everything. Some women look naturally slender during the pregnancy and their bellies are hardly seen. So don't make your friend worry about her weight gain.

#2 I think, you shouldn't eat/drink that. There are different things that are not allowed to be consumed during the pregnancy, and every pregnant woman knows about them. And drinking coffee is the choice every pregnant woman makes. Don't be a coffee police in the Starbucks line! The same concerns the diet of your friend. Pregnant women know better than you what they want and can eat. So when you see that your friend is going to eat pickled cucumbers with ice cream, let it be.

#3 I loved being pregnant. Personal retrospect is always tricky. As we've said, women quickly forget about the sickness, stretch marks and swelling during pregnancy, so they think, that those 9 months were the happiest in their life. And when you tell your pregnant friend, that you had none of the pregnancy ailments, you either lie or don't remember. Also your words make your friend feel miserable, because she suffers more than others, or feel ashamed, because she complains too much.

#4 And what if your baby is stillborn? The first pregnancy makes every woman worry a lot and think, what if something goes wrong. Telling horror stories about a friend of friend of yours, whose baby was born deaf or blind, or miscarried around the same week of pregnancy, won't make your friend feel happy. Your job is to support your friend, not to scare to death.

#5 May I touch your belly? No, you should never do that. There are plenty of pics of happy pregnant women letting others touch their belly, but it doesn't mean that it's really so. If your friend really wants you too feel how baby bumps, then she will ask you, if you want to feel that. And in the meantime your friend would like to have only her own hands on her belly.

#6 Wait till you have a toddler! Being pregnant is difficult, and your friend may moan and need some sympathy. And don't scare her with the time, when the baby is born. She knows, that she will need to feed baby every two hours, change diapers and spend many sleepless nights. Let it be later, but now don't scare her, that it will be even harder that it's now.

#7 You're going to breastfeed, right? It seems like everyone wants to ask this question, even cashier girls at supermarkets. And what if your friend can't do that due to medical conditions or she won't have enough milk? Don't make her feel that she will be the most terrible mama ever!

#8 Sleep and enjoy your life till you can. Looking after a baby is really hard, but it doesn't mean, that when the baby is born, your friend won't sleep at all and will never be able to do things she wants to. And by the way, it's really hard to sleep a lot, especially when your baby is pushing on your bladder and you have to pee very often.



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