8 Types of Friends Every Mom Needs

8 Types of Friends Every Mom NeedsBecoming a mom opens a new world for you, that you've had no idea about. It's not about sleepless nights and almost constant feeding and changing diapers. It's about new people, who will become your friends. Or you need as friends, because your gals with no kids won't understand you and your needs. Check out these 8 types of friends every mom needs. And you're really lucky, if you already have them!

The friend I-know-it-all. You don't know, whether it's OK that your son sticks his tongue out all the time or whether those green goo that he keeps sneezing are not dangerous. Who can help you? It's your friend, who knows it all. Even if she happens not to know something, she can definitely find the answer. She's smart, she's fast and she really knows it all.

The friend I-cook-for-everyone. She's the person, who always brings some cookies to the club meeting and cooks soup for her sick friends. She's a great person, because home-made food is so delicious!

The friend I'm-your-twin. Actually, she's not your twin, but you've born your children a week or a day apart, and she's got the same diaper bag as you do. Cherish her, because she will have everything you've forgotten to take for your baby.

The friend I'm-totally-relaxed. You know that the cans of baby food in your cupboard are not organized by alphabetical order and nutritional content. And you're desperate about it. Your friend makes you feel OK about it. She doesn't have that and she lives. She will be your reminder, that it's totally OK, if your kids make a dinner of mud pies.

The friend I'm-an-older-mom. This friend will have many advice ready for you whenever you have problems with your baby. She's also a great friend, because she's got many things to offer you.

The friend I've-got-no-kids. After the birth of your baby your world doesn't turn around only friends with babies. You need to relax and feel free from time to time of talking about goo, lice, rash, diapers etc. Leave all your mommy stuff for a couple of hours and relax with your friend, who has no kids.

The friend I’m-a-fun-house-neighbor. And she's with kids. Your kids find everything at your neighbor's so attractive, that they want to spend all their time there. And if your neighbor is really OK with that, because she's got her own kids, it's great. You can leave your kids there and relax. But remember, that sometimes you will have to do the same job for her.

The friend I'm-a-younger-mom. Although she's a younger mom, she may have some advice for you. Apart from this, it's so great to feel that someone learns from you, how to teach your kid to eat his peas.



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