6 Signs You're on a Date, Not Just Hanging Out

6 Signs You're on a Date, Not Just Hanging OutNowadays people tend to have everything casual and simple, and sometimes it can make things difficult to understand. For instance, are two of you hanging out or is there anything more between two of you? We will try to make things clear, so check out these 6 signs that you're on date, not just hanging out.

In fact, many people never know, whether they are going on a date or their friend wanted just to hang out. The question of spending time together rolls off the tongue so often, that the intentions of this person may be unclear. And finally when you understand, that it was a date and you didn't have any intention to date this person, it's too late.

There are many signs indicating, that you're on a date. Some of them are not genuine indicators of a date, but we think that you should know about them. Keep an eye on your friend and watch for these signs.

#1 It's planned. Planned meetings are always thoughtful and they are meaningful. If your friend asks you, whether you're free on a Saturday night so you could go to the cinema and then have a dinner together, it might be a date. But if he calls you and say, that he's craving for the donuts and looks for the company, you just hang out.

#2 Phones are out. People on a date never try to interrupt it with phone calls, and especially checking their Twitter. So if the phone of your friend is mostly out of sight (except of calls he has to answer), it's likely you're on a date. And if the phone is here, relax, because you're hanging out.

#3 You don't pay. It's the 21st century and men and women usually go Dutch, but if you're more then friends, he may insist to pay for you. Watch for other signs of chivalry, like opening door for you, pulling out chair!

#4 You talk about the two of you. Unless you're with a super uncommunicative person, you won't spend time in silence. So let's see, what you're talking about. If the conversations are mostly around the two of you, it means, that your friend has some feelings for you. But if you talk about whatever, then you're no more than just friends.

#5 Touches, touches, touches... When people like someone, they try to touch them. So when you see, that your friend tries to touch your hand, shoulder, waist or the small of your back, then he's got more on their mind that he's letting on.

#6 A small gift. Bringing a gift, like flowers, may be the sign that your friend is courteous, but mostly it means, that he likes you and wants to impress you. However, don't be disappointed, if instead of flowers you get a book that he recommended you to read, because the meaning is the same: he's been thinking of you.



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