How to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day

How to Stay Calm on Your Wedding DayYou've passed through months of planning and organization, choosing your cake, length of train, bouquet, and finally your Big Day is here! But you don't feel happy, instead of that you're stressed and can't get rid of jitters. Well, many brides feel the same as you do, but our tips on how to stay calm on your wedding day will help you relax and enjoy your time.

Start day with a familiar and relaxing routine. If you know that you will certainly will feel nervous on your wedding day, then start it with something familiar and relaxing. For instance, do yoga or take a bath full of bubbles. Such activities will relax you and make you feel much better.

Have a breakfast. You might not be hungry at all, but it's not an excuse to skip breakfast. In fact, breakfast is actually what your body needs to run through the day. Choose food full of carbohydrates and protein, like eggs and a toast, yogurt or smoothy.

Have a plan and an emergency kit. You won't freak out, if you know that you control the situation. Give one of your maids the emergency kit you've prepared and follow the schedule, that includes time when you leave, arrive, pick up guests etc. Always leave some spare minutes to visit restroom or handle unexpected situations.

Have an assistant. You relax only when you control everything, but you just can not pay attention to all things that are going on simultaneously. Delegate part of wedding aspects to a person, whom you totally trust, so you won't have to handle minor problems yourself. The assistant should be someone outside of your immediate family or party, so this person won't have to abandon their duties to handle different questions.

Have some wine. If your nerves kick right before the beginning of the wedding ceremony, sip some white wine or bubbles. A glass will be enough to relax you, so don't drink more. By the way, don't drink red wine, because you don't want that colored liquid to leave stains on your dress (everything can happen), so make sure that you drink white wine only.

Spend some time on your own. If you can't handle the emotions around you, try to spend some time on your own, away from family and friends. Take a stroll, breathe deeply and clear your mind.

Think of your honeymoon. You may have planned a perfect wedding, but there's always some place for a disaster. And if it really happens, don't panic. Relax and think of your honeymoon and those sweet days that wait for you. Are you going to have a honeymoon on the beach with white sand and palm trees around you? So think about it!



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