6 Alternatives to the Cake Cutting Ceremony

6 Alternatives to the Cake Cutting CeremonyCake cutting is a quite common tradition and one of the highlights of a wedding. However, some couples choose to forgo this ceremony because they don't like it or don't have a wedding cake. Here are 6 alternatives to the cake cutting ceremony that you may find interesting.

Mini desserts. Instead of cutting a cake you can ask your caterer to bring out two small pieces of dessert. Share the dessert with each other and then have similar treats distributed amongst your guests. There are a lot of mini desserts to choose from: mini cakes, cupcakes, shot glass desserts, cake pops, macarons, meringues, cannoli, etc.

If you don't have many guests, you can combine this ceremony with the receiving line. The guests will come up to collect cookies or other treats of you choice from the bride and groom. Thus the couple will get a chance to say hello to each of the guests.

Cheers to the couple. There will be a lot of toasts at your wedding, but you can make this one special. Offer your guests colorful mini shots (maybe even Jell-O shots), thank them for coming and take a shot together.

Planting a tree. Tree planting is a really touching ceremony that symbolizes the joining together of two individuals and creating a family. You plant a small seedling that will grow into a beautiful tree just like your love for each other will grow stronger each year of your marriage. If you can't plant a tree because your venue does not allow it or for some other reason, you can plant seeds in a nice little pot.

Plate smashing. Plate breaking is an old Greek custom that is not very common any longer in its country of origin, but some Western couples decide to adopt the tradition. Smashing plates symbolizes the end of the bride and groom's old lives and the beginning of a new life together as a married couple. After smashing a plate each, they clean up the shards together because that's how they are supposed to do things from now on.

Love lock unity ceremony. This is a relatively new wedding tradition, but it is becoming more and more popular. The couple lock a custom-made padlock (often heart-shaped) or a pair of locks on a single chain on a bridge or the so-called infinity tree. The key is usually thrown away so the lock can never be unlocked.

Piñata. Piñata is not just for kids! It is a really fun activity that will brighten up your wedding and make it more memorable. Breaking a piñata together is a great way to start your married life. You can choose any piñata shape (what do you think of a wedding cake shaped piñata?) and fill it with small favors for your guests like small toys and candies for the kids, mini bottles of alcohol and lottery tickets for the adults, etc. But no glitter!



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