How Social Media Obsession Is Ruining Our Lives

How Social Media Obsession Is Ruining Our LivesAlmost everyone nowadays has a tablet or a smartphone, that enables us constantly keep in touch with many people and update our profiles every minute. And while there are lots of good things about social media, they can also be dangerous for our lives, relationship and parenting experience. And do you know, how social media obsession is ruining our lives?

We don't live in the moment any more. People who are obsessed with social media never live “in the moment”. They go out and never glance at their friends, just because they are constantly in social media checking the updates of their friends and posting a new picture. Living this way really makes people miss the most precious moments. While we are very busy with taking a good photo and posting it in social media, we miss what really happens.

We're friends with people we absolutely don't know. Count, how many friends you have got on Facebook, and how many people follow you on Twitter. And do you really know all these people? Many of them are complete strangers, whom you share your information with. And would you be friends with a person, who came up to you at street and offered friendship?

We start stalking. Social media is a very valuable source of information about anyone, one can find here anything about family, past partners, current friends and even pets of the person they are interested in. However, this information can lead to making a decisive judgment about any person we meet and never give them a chance. By the way, stalking doesn't only harm our future relations, it also harms us, because we can't get over our ex-partners.

We're trolling or being trolled. It's so easy to hide behind a computer screen and say terrible things about someone, you wouldn't dare to do in reality. Concerning the people who are trolled, they feel as bad as if they were bullied in reality. Did you know, that social media trolling is one of the reasons why young people suicide?

We forget about people in reality. The best thing about social media is that they are so easy to keep in touch with other people. Chatting is fun, but it can't beat face-to-face communication.

We don't enjoy things that we snap. Let's face the truth, we don't enjoy things we used to before we had Instagram or Facebook. Every time we want to post nice a picture of our breakfast or dinner, we prevent ourselves from enjoying the meal. The same concerns the other things that we snap. We make a photo, but we don't enjoy the moment and experience any more.

We focus on good things only, not real life. We mostly take two or three photos of the moment and choose the best one, that is Instagram-worthy, and we leave real-life moments behind. Just look at that super tasty salad and a cup of coffee! And do you know, what's behind that glossy picture? A pile of dirty dishes, cut fingers, and a mess in the kitchen.



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