7 Wine Bottles Decor Ideas for Your Wedding

7 Wine Bottles Decor Ideas for Your WeddingEmpty wine bottles are waiting to be recycled! But if you have no idea for home use, then why don't you use them to personalize your wedding? Vineyard theme is perfect for summer outdoor weddings, however, you can use bottles even in winter. Check out these 7 wine bottles decor ideas for your wedding.

#1 Aisle decor. It's so easy to use wine bottles for aisle decor. You need to stake sticks or rods into the ground and tie bottles to them with a twine. Pour some water in bottles and use them as vases.

#2 Wine bottles guest book. Are you planning to ask your guests to write anything in a simple, although highly decorated guest book? Use wine bottles instead of it. You even can make a wine bottles time capsule with any number of bottles you wish. Think of printing cute labels with years of your future anniversaries and glue them to the bottles. Ask your guests to write you wishes and even advice how to make it till the next anniversary and put these pieces of paper into the right bottle. You know what to do with the bottles, right?

#3 Table centerpiece. It's the most obvious way to use empty wine bottles for your wedding decor. And there are hundreds of ideas for you! Do you want to give your wedding a rustic touch? Then wrap wine bottles in twine. In case you don't want to wrap the whole bottle, use twine to decorate only necks of bottles. Now use these bottles as vases.

#4 Table menu and table numbers. If you don't want to turn wine bottles into vases, then make them a part of the table centerpiece and let them play the role of table numbers and menu holders. By the way, in this case the bottles even shouldn't be empty! Print out the menu, fold it in three and then tie it around the bottle. Cut the wine cork a bit and insert printed table number in it. And if you don't want to have a mess with cutting the cork, then staple the number of the table to it.

#5 Painted wine bottles. Use this idea to create interesting table centerpieces and outdoor ceremony backdrop. There are lots of colors you can use to paint bottles. Chalk paint is great for table centerpieces and you can write table numbers on them. Colorful bottles can be used as vases or can be hung from an overhead tree or wedding arch. If you want some extra touch, use lace and ribbons to decorate bottles.

#6 Sparkly bottles. This is a great idea for winter wedding. Apply a coat of white paint and wait till it dries, then spray bottles with adhesive and roll them in Epsom salt. Your bottles will look like they have snow on them. Do you want some extra sparks? Roll bottles in glitter, or use glitter of two colors to make an ombre effect.

#7 Candle holders. Wine bottles can become unusual (and cheap) candle holders. You can cut bottles in halves and use both of them as candle holders. But if you think that this route is too difficult for you, then use the top of the bottle as a candle holder. By the way, try to arrange several bottles together, because this way they look more interesting.



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