5 Reasons to Forgo a Wedding Cake and Opt for Something Else

5 Reasons to Forgo a Wedding Cake and Opt for Something ElseThe wedding cake is a ceremony staple, but a quite a lot of modern couples decide not to serve a traditional wedding cake to their guests, choosing alternatives such as dessert buffets, DIY dessert bars or even cheese towers. Here are 5 reasons to forgo a wedding cake and opt for something else.

Reason #1. You're not huge fans of cake. Why should you serve a wedding cake at your reception if you and your husband- or wife-to-be don't even like cake? It is your wedding, so it is up to you two to decide what to serve. You can pick any dessert you enjoy or even opt for a savory treat. If you are worried about the cake-cutting ceremony, don't be! There are a lot of alternatives that are just as beautiful and touching.

Reason #2. You cannot choose the flavor. What if you both are huge fans of cake, but you can't decide on just one flavor or kind of icing? Angel food cake or red velvet cake? Coffee or chocolate? Lemon or vanilla? Buttercream or ganache? Fondant or royal icing? Oh, what a hard choice! But who says you absolutely have to choose only one? If you forgo a traditional wedding cake and opt for a dessert bar, you can have all the flavors you want. And your guests will be glad to have a choice, we're sure.

Reason #3. You're on a tight budget. A lavishly decorated wedding cake that matches the wedding theme and color scheme can cost a fortune, but it is hardly more delicious than an ordinary cake or dessert. You pay extra for the decorations, but get the same taste. So if you can't or don't want to splurge on a wedding cake that makes a statement, go for mini desserts such as cupcakes, shot glass desserts, macarons, cookies, etc. They are just as tasty but more budget-friendly.

Reason #4. You don't want to worry about the cake being served. A traditional wedding cake requires having someone to cut and serve it after the couple perform the symbolic cake cutting ceremony. If you have a dessert bar instead, your guests can help themselves to the delicious treats and you don't have to worry about catering.

Reason #5. You have guests with food restrictions or allergies. If you opt for a traditional cake, guests with certain dietary restrictions won't be able to enjoy it. So if you know that some of your guests can't eat certain foods, you can serve special desserts (vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, etc.) among other treats in the dessert bar. Of course, you can have such desserts served along the traditional cake, but it will probably be easier and cheaper to order just a variety of desserts instead of a cake and a variety of desserts.



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