Choosing Wedding Cake: Fondant Vs. Buttercream

Choosing Wedding Cake: Fondant Vs. ButtercreamChoosing wedding cakes is so fun! You have to taste so many cakes, till you chose the one that you like, and only then choose the way you want your cake to look like. Should it look elaborate and smooth or be fluffy and light? Or may be, you want fluffy and light buttercream cake, but looking like a smooth fondant cake? It's time for you to find out, what is the difference between fondant and buttercream wedding cakes and choose the right one.

Fondant cakes are mostly the ones that you see in wedding magazines. They are multi-tiered, look very smooth and different complicated details can be used for the decoration, like flowers, lace and even cut out shapes. Fondant is also used to create different wedding cake toppers of any shape and characters. However, despite their gorgeous look, fondant cakes are not tasty.

The problem with the taste of the cakes is actually the fondant itself. If you have no idea about it's texture, then you should know, that it has the consistency of rolled-out marshmallows and it's very chewy, that many people don't like and never eat at all. Remember, that fondant is also too sweet to eat, because it's made of sugar, corn syrup and some water. They are mixed together to form a paste and then it's rolled out to cover the cake.

Although the taste is the main disadvantage of the fondant cakes, never forget about the price. Fondant cakes are also more expensive than buttercream cakes, so if you're on a tight budget, then you definitely should think about less expensive option.

Fondant cakes are not as bad as you might think and they have also many advantages. For instance, if you're planning an outdoor wedding in August, then you'd better order the fondant cake, because it can survive the heat. Fondant cakes are also easier to transport, and once the cake is prepared and stored appropriately, nothing can harm it, so you shouldn't worry about the look of your cake on your wedding day. It will be perfect!

Buttercream cakes, as you may have guessed, are much tastier and allow using different tastes and colors for the filling as well for decoration. And due to the soft consistency buttercream can be used for very exquisite decoration, like borders, flowers and even writing names (no toppings, however). But buttercream cakes will never look as smooth as fondant cakes, and if the taste is your primary requirement, then opt for buttercream wedding cake.

The main disadvantage of buttercream cakes is their look and transportation. It's very hard to transport them, even if the crusting buttercream used, which is firmer than the usual one, still it's very delicate and anything can happen to it.

Even if you still don't know what to choose, you need to try both kinds of cakes with fondant and buttercream frosting. Only then you can decide, what kind of cake you want to have at your wedding.



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