How to Turn a Fling Into a Relationship

How to Turn a Fling Into a RelationshipSo, you're kind of seeing someone. You go on dates, you have fun, you hook up. It's a relaxed casual relationship. You haven't talked about being exclusive, you haven't labeled your relationship, and you've been perfectly okay with that until recently. But now you think you might be falling for the person you're casually dating. Is it possible to turn a fling into a relationship?

The short answer is yes. In fact, a lot of relationship start as a fling and then either turn into something serious or end. There is no guaranteed way to turn a casual relationship into a serious one, because much depends on the situation and people involved. However, if you really want this to work out, it won't hurt to try. Here are some tips that might come in handy in such a situation.

Stop flirting with other people. If you're not exclusive yet, but you want to be, start acting like a person in a committed relationship. When you stop flirting with other people, it will show your fling that you're serious about making things work with him or her. But if you keep flirting around, you will hardly be seen as girlfriend/boyfriend material.

Communicate consistently. Constant communication is one of the signs that a casual relationship is turning into a real thing. If you communicate through texts, messengers, social media, phone calls, etc. during the day, it means that you're getting closer. Don't be afraid to reach out, but don't be too pushy, either. If your message is left without a response, don't send another ten.

Spend time together without having sex. Sexual chemistry is enough for a fling, but it is not enough for a relationship. To make sure you're not only compatible in bed, try hanging out without having sex or even kissing. Before starting a “real” relationship, it is important to find out if you're compatible outside the bedroom.

Make future plans. We aren't saying that you should invite him or her to a family Thanksgiving dinner or your cousin's wedding in several months. It may actually scare them off. We are talking about more casual plans, such as attending a concert of your favorite band that will be in town next month.

Tell them how you feel. If they don't understand your hints, just come clean about your feelings. There is always a possibility that your feelings won't be reciprocated, but the earlier you get rejected, the easier you move on. If you keep dragging things out, your feelings will get stronger, and you might eventually get your heart broken.



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