8 Ways to Get Out of a Terrible Date

8 Ways to Get Out of a Terrible DateWhat can be worse than a terrible date? Only death, and sometimes you think that it's better to die than to stay with this person. You want to run away from here as fast as you can and never look back. We've prepared 8 ways to get out of a terrible date for you to use.

#1 Family excuse. Family excuse works all the time, and no one will ever tell you, that you have no right to leave the date. Pretend, that you've forgotten about the family dinner or you need to help one of your family members with something.

#2 Your pet. Even pets can help you get out of a bad date, the only thing you need to do is to remember about them. Say, that you've forgotten to feed your cat and if you don't come back home as soon as possible, you're likely to say good-bye to your new bed silk linen. And you can leave, even if you know that there's not a single cat waiting for you at home.

#3 Emergency. Lots of people use this trick, when they feel that the date is terrible. Make an excuse to go to bathroom and there call your friend to call you back in 10 minutes. When you pick up the phone, you have to sound legitimate, however, don't overplay. Something like “Oh my god! Are you OK? I'll be there right now!” sounds OK. By the way, you can always ask your friend to make an emergency call before your date begins. If you pick up, it means that you want to get out of here.

#4 The third wheel. Do you have a clingy friend? Even if you don't, you can ask your friend to come by the place where you have a date. Once she gets there, let her play a clingy third wheel. Eventually your date will be ruined and you will be free to do away together.

#5 Pretend being sick. Sickness is also one of the reasons why you can leave the date and never seem to be a jerk. Food poisoning is the thing that can happen any time with anyone. Go to bathroom a couple of times, then come back and make an excuse, that you don't feel well and you need to go home. Hopefully, your date won't offer you to take you home.

#6 Your period. All women have a perfect excuse to leave a horrible date. Make it clear, that you have a period and don't feel well, besides, you need to get home and change. If your date offers you to go and buy tampons, well, he's a keeper!

#7 Plan something little. In case you never know, whether your date will be nice or you will want to leave, never plan anything big. For instance, you can drink a cup of coffee instead of ordering a meal at a restaurant and be bound to the table. And if you see that the date is going pretty well, you can always suggest doing something else.

#8 Your kid. All women with kids have a built-in excuse for leaving the date. If you see, that the date is not going well, tell that your kid didn't feel well today and you need to come back earlier to check on them.



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